Monday, 31 May 2010

Hey This Cato Institute Is Doing Something

Cato literally exists to further the kind of awakening exemplified in the tea-party rallies and marches � and in raucous town-hall meetings politicians increasingly fear to hold.


Vermont Farm Takes On Border Fight With US

The government plans to seize a farmer's land to build a $5 million border post on a quiet country road.

The community is fiercely opposed, and the Department of Homeland Security is under fire for planning expensive projects that some say isn't needed.


Church sued victim of convicted sex abuser report

A Catholic diocese in Canada sued the victim of a convicted pedophile priest, driving the victim to attempt suicide several times, according to a newspaper report published Sunday.


Pope Refused to Oust Convicted Sex Pedophile Priest

As a cardinal, future Pope Benedict XVI refused to oust admitted & convicted sex abuser, who confessed to molesting numerous children.


Finally what the Constitution was REALLY supposed to mean

There are plenty of books on specific aspects of the Constitution, but none surveys the original meaning of the entire document.�


Is China backing away from censuring North Korea

Despite indications last week that it might take a harder line on North Korea over the North's apparent sinking of South Korea's Cheonan warship, China now appears unwilling to censure its Communist ally.


Sunday, 30 May 2010

Van Susteren runs opinion poll on her smarts and loses

"Who is dumber?" the poll asks. "Greta? Or Brian for spending his time watching someone he thinks is dumb?" So far, Brian is winning.

As of May 29, 78 percent of poll respondents agreed that Van Susteren is dumber than Brian.


GOP candidate admits claim about military award was untrue

The Republican candidate for President Obama's old Senate seat has admitted to inaccurately claiming he received the U.S.

Navy's Intelligence Officer of the Year award for his service during NATO's conflict with Serbia in the late 1990s.


Pope may deal with fallout for rest of papacy

This has been a tough Lent for the Roman Catholic Church.

Its seemingly endless sexual abuse scandal finally has seeped into the papal apartments, and the Vatican's response to this week's revelations suggests that far too little has been learned from this squalid affair.


The 11 Best Bill Nye The Science Guy Music Videos

If nothing else, make sure to check out the awesome puns on band names, as Bill Nye puns equal the best puns.


BP buses in workers to clean beach for Obama with video

Perhaps you saw news footage of President Obama in Grand Isle, La., on Friday and thought things didnt look all that bad.

Well, there may have been a reason for that: The town was evidently swarmed by an army of temp workers to spruce it up for the president and the national news crews following him.


Maher Obama Not Acting Like A Real Black President

"I thought we were going to get a black president.

You know, this is where I want a real black president. I want him in a meeting with the BP CEOs, you know, where he lifts up his shirt where you can see the gun in his pants. That's -- (in black man voice) we've got a 'motherfu**ing probem here?' Shoot somebody in the foot"


Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sandbox Games and Their Potential

Sandbox games are quickly becoming one of the most popular genres of games.

There is just something about an open world (and the freedom associated with it) that attracts gamers of all types.


Gun battles erupt in Pakistani city of Lahore

Gun battles take place near two mosques belonging to the minority Ahmadi Islamic sect in the Pakistani city of Lahore.


White House says no laws broken in US Senate race row

A White House source said the former president was asked by President Barack Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel to gauge whether Joe Sestak would drop out of his ultimately successful challenge to veteran Senator Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania.

The offer was based on the assumption that Sestak would stay in the House of Representatives.


Top 10 Worst Cabinet Members

Sometimes those purported to be the best and the brightest are anything but.

In the spirit of not making the same mistakes twice, TIME examines some of modern history's less-than-fabulous Cabinet appointments.


Friday, 28 May 2010

74 yearold Man Arrested 4 PuttingValet in Coma After HitRun

WEST HOLLYWOOD --A hit-and-run suspect is under arrest for hitting and critically injuring a man after surveillance footage was aired on television, police say.


Study 40 of Women Lie to Female Friends About Their Looks

Four in 10 women are prepared to lie to a female friend about how they look in an outfit to boost their own self-confidence, a study suggests.


The F22 and F35 Killer Finally Captured In Action

Feast your eyes in these detailed videos of the beast that is designed to match-and-crush 5th generation American combat jets.

It's the Sukhoi PAK-FA, and it comes loaded with some amazing technology from the other side of the fallen wall.

Source: 22-and-f 35-killer-finally-captured-in-action

Palin makes good on fence threat Yahoo News

Former Alaska Gov.

Sarah Palin is making good on a threat to build a fence around her Wasilla home to keep her new neighbor � an author who is writing a book about her � from peering in.


5 Creative Uses for Crowdsourcing

These five start-ups are doing just that by using crowdsourcing in creative ways.


Thursday, 27 May 2010

PayPal Goes On The Defense After MasterCard Opens Platform T

Yesterday MasterCard announced a definitive plan to open up its credit cards payments platform to developers to build innovative online and mobile apps.

Source: Techcrunch (TechCrunch)

Obama Heckled By ProGay Protester Again

President Barack Obama was heckled by a pro-gay protester for a second time while campaigning for fellow Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer


End of Alaotra grebe is evidence of Sixth Great Extinction

One more step in what scientists are increasingly referring to as the Sixth Great Extinction is announced today: the disappearance of yet another bird species.


12 New Technologies That Lived Up To Their Hype

For every handful of new technologies that flame out, one or two materialize into the game-changing innovations we all hoped for.


Tiny blood vessels in brain spit to survive

Scientists have discovered capillaries have a unique method of expelling debris, such as blood clots, cholesterol or calcium plaque, that blocks the flow of essential nutrients to brain cells.

The capillaries spit out the blockage by growing a membrane that envelopes the obstruction and then shoves it out of the blood vessel.


BPs Civil fine in Gulf spill could be 4300 per barrel

A clause buried deep in the U.S.

Clean Water Act may expose BP and others to civil fines that aren't limited to any finite cap -- unlike a $75 million limit on compensation for economic damages. The Act allows the government to seek civil penalties in court for every drop of oil that spills into U.S. navigable waters.


David Byrne Sues Crist A LeftWing Rock And Roll Tradition

David Byrne is suing Florida Governor, Charlie Crist, joining the deep and hilarious history of right-wing politicians getting sued for campaign songs written by left-leaning musicians.

Here is a look at some other political musical mix-ups.


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Women Strip Naked In Houston To Protest BP [PICS]

"We will put our bodies on the line to hold BP accountable for the rape and plunder of our planet," claimed CODEPINK, a women-led activist group. Potentially NSFW.


15 Creative Billboard Ads

Billboard advertising can quite often be an eyesore and boring, but here is 15 creative billboard adverts which will make you look twice


WTF Is Coming



Study The best sex usually isnt with the person you love

If you're married, some bad news about your sex life...


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

FL Researchers study fat that will help you lose weight

These days it seems everyone is trying to get rid of fat, especially with swimsuit season approaching.

But did you know that our bodies actually contain a good kind of fat that can help you lose weight?


How They Did It Part Four The New Republic

This is the fourth of a five-part series explaining, in remarkable detail, how Obama and the Democrats came to pass health care reform. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the final installment.


Top GOP leaders line up against DAnnunzio in RunOff Race

Republican Party leaders have escalated an unprecedented campaign against one of their own congressional candidates, with N.C.

GOP chairman Tom Fetzer calling Tim D'Annunzio "unfit for public office at any level."


Asian stocks slide on renewed Europe fears

SINGAPORE (AP) -- Asian stock markets tumbled Tuesday, extending Wall Street's sell-off as the sliding euro hit exporters amid a new wave of pessimism about the global economy's health.


Scientists create worlds smallest electronic switch

Scientists have created the world's smallest electronic switch, measuring just seven atoms.


Ultrathin laptop chips to hit the marketIntel

Intel announced that it was rolling out the range of new low-voltage Core processors for the ultra thin laptop segment.

The most famous prodigies of this segment are the Dell Adamo and MacBook Air which are lesser than an inch in thickness (and both use Intel chips).


Monday, 24 May 2010

Facebook is just the first step say Russians

The Russian investment vehicle that bought a $200m stake in Facebook last year
is preparing to buy stakes in dozens of well-known internet companies as
Russia turns to the internet to lead its future prosperity.


Phone TV and Internet Bundles

Internet bundles are now ordered most frequently by customers for Internet, Phone and TV.

Find out which broadband services are best suited for you.


Implementing VoIP Services Into a Business

The implementation of VoIP services into your company can save money and time.

Offering similar features to that of traditional land line calling services, VoIP offers an easy transition that quickly produces renewed company growth and enhanced...


High Speed Internet Options in Rural Locations

For those people who live in rural remote locations, getting an Internet connection for your home or business can be a chore.

Find out what your options are.


4G WiMAX The Future of Internet

Wireless Internet has always been available, but only in limited areas.

A new technology, called WiMAX, gives Internet service providers the ability to offer wireless Internet to entire cities, allowing users to access the Internet from anywhere in the...


Powering the Earth CNNcom

A interactive guide to how much electricity countries are using and their corresponding carbon emissions.

See on a global scale who is doing the most to reduce their carbon footprint by generating renewable energy.


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Duchess of York in tabloid sting over finances

The Duchess of York has allegedly become the victim of a tabloid sting aimed
at embarrassing her over her troubled finances.


This Week in Unnecessary Censorship LOST Edition



A funny Predator redub

A funny dub of the 80's Schwarzenegger movie, Predator.


NYTs Hoyt misses mark with defense of Blumenthal hit piece

As promised, New York Times public editor Clark Hoyt responded today to the mounting criticism the paper has received for its article on Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's description of his military service.


Radio Derb 05212010 MP3

Listen to John Derbyshire on the rudeness of Mexico's President, Rand Paul vs.

Rachel Maddow, our new pole-dancing Muslim Miss America, and much more.


KFC Goes Bankrupt Kids Hilarious Reaction

How would you feel if your favourite restaurant got closed down? PS KFC did not actually go bankrupt...


Saturday, 22 May 2010

MSI rolls out Wind U160DX netbook with 15hour battery En

It may just seem like yesterday that MSI was introducing its Wind U160 netbook at CES, but the company's now already back with an updated


Ron Paul The Founding Fathers Were Libertarians

(Video is cut off after 6:20 minutes.

If you have a full copy please contact us.) 05/20/2010 - http://www.RonPaul.comRon Paul is interviewed by Ala


So You Want to Start Your Own Gaming Blog

Starting a gaming blog isnt as simple as just starting some random WordPress(.com) blog and rehashing gaming news from other sites.

Source: BingeGamerDotNet (Binge Gamer)

Bobby Jindal Has Some Pictures Of Oil For Brit Hume to see

Hey, remember last weekend on Fox News Sunday when everyone was talking about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Good times were had by all, especially by Brit Hume, who was feeling pretty breezy about the whole disaster:


YourTimeBlog How to Reclaim More Joy in Your Career

YourTimeBlog - This is your time blog


ISP Takes BitTorrent Admin Privacy Case To The Supreme Court

Earlier this week a Swedish appeals court upheld the ruling of a district court and ordered an ISP to hand over the details of a torrent site operator.

Faced with a potential $96,500 fine for non-compliance, TeliaSonera has announced it will take an appeal to the Supreme Court in an attempt to balance pre-existing privacy....


Friday, 21 May 2010

Researchers Ponder a Hurricane Hitting the OilSlicked Gulf

Storms could scuttle cleanup efforts, force containment vessels to retreat, or propel spilled crude and tar balls over vast expanses of sea and beach.


Life Imitates Life Are Zoos Antiquated

I imagine there was a time when aquariums and zoos were not intended as a persons primary experience of nature.

The curators of those first institutions did not concern themselves with recreating an entire world with all the sights and sounds of the savanna and jungle.


Google Reveals Android 22 and Google TV [LIVE]

Today is day two of Google I/O, Google���s developers conference.

Yesterday, Google used its keynote.


Announcing the GigaOM App for the iPhone iPod touch

Finally, the big day has arrived.

Apple has approved the GigaOM iPhone app � its now available via the iTunes store for download. It goes without saying that were pretty stoked to be launching this app, which essentially offers a unified experience of all our various properties � from our blogs to our paid subscription service to our events to ou


The Impact of Googles Exposure of Hardware to Mobile Web Ap

In the battle between mobile web and native mobile applications, access to local hardware like motion sensors and the phone's camera has traditionally been a major advantage held ...


Thursday, 20 May 2010

How Carnivorous Pitcher Plant Catches Insects

Sir David Attenborough looks at the carnivorous pitcher plant and how
it catches insects and even small rodents.

The shape may vary from
species to species but all attract their prey with nectar, have
slippery sides so their visitors tumble into them, and contain fluid
whose juices actively dissolve the bodies.


Dems Fighting Over Tax Loophole For Money Managers

The Democratic effort to raise revenue for a jobs bill by closing a tax loophole that benefits money managers is running into opposition within the party itself as details are being worked out.

The carried interest loophole is a special tax deal for executives of investment partnerships, including real estate, private equity and some hedge funds


House Dem Demands BP Broadcast Live Video From Gushing Pipe


Edward Markey (D-Mass.) on Wednesday lashed out at BP for hiding the true extent of its now four-week-old oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and demanded that the oil company and the Coast Guard make a live video feed from the source of the leak continuously available to the public.


US overhauls agency in charge of offshore drilling

The US agency that regulates offshore drilling was broken up into three separate agencies Wednesday as part of a move to end cozy industry relationships exposed by the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, officials said.

The shake-up came a day after Interior Secretary Ken Salazar told lawmakers the Minerals Management Service, which issued lucrative...


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Google TV Will You Pay for It [POLL]

Even more details about Google's Smart TV service have swept the web as its likely debut approaches.

Will it succeed in bringing the web to TVs across the world?


RARE Portraits of Americas Endangered Species

There are currently about 1,500 known species in the world that are endangered � Joel Sartore presents 68 of them in his book, ranging from wolves to wolverines, pitcher plant to pineapple cactus; all exquisitely photographed


The State of NASA Budgets Space Travel Infographic

The fight for government-funded manned space exploration isn't dead just yet.

But whatever the outcome, NASA funding continues to hover well below 1 percent of annual federal spending. This infographic provides historical context for the state of NASAs budgets.


Determining the real threat to peace in the Middle East

Which is the real threat to peace: Israelis building houses or Iranian mullahs building a bomb? That is the question for today.
Both Egypt and Jordan eventually decided to recognize Israel and received land back in return.

Moreover, Israel has unilaterally left Gaza. As for the long-standing issue of Arabs displaced during the 1948 war, Israel of


WTF Bristol Palin Charges 30K for Public Speaking

Let me say that again. "Bristol Palin charges $30,000 to speak in public." It's over.

The fat woman has sung.


Hows that apology thing working out Mr Obama Humiliating

We are watching as the United States is publicly and internationally humiliated.

Our idol worship of an inexperienced and ill-equipped leader has blinded us to the mounting dangers in a world of dangers


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Billy Joels Daughter Tried to Commit Suicide by Overdosing

Nearly impossible to overdose on drug - Traumeel - that Alexa Ray Joel took! A leading toxicologist said it would be nearly impossible to overdose on the homeopathic medicine Traumeel.


Arab American takes Miss USA title

A 24-year-old Arab American has won the Miss USA title, despite nearly stumbling in her evening gown.


Nato future strategy set out by expert panel

Experts led by US politician Madeleine Albright present their findings on the future strategy Nato needs to adopt in Brussels.


Cheap Photovoltaics Wins MIT Clean Energy Prize

While our screens are brittle, theirs is flexible - at what they say is one tenth the price.

Another came up with a new technique to reengineer concrete at the molecular scale a process they say makes it stronger and uses significantly less energy. The students say their technology could save the equivalent output of 100 nuclear power plants p.a.


A New Standard of Decency

Thanks to five justices on the Supreme Court, the United States is no longer the only country to impose sentences of life without parole on its teenagers.


NASA Google data show North Korea Logging Protected Forest

Using NASA satellite data and Google Earth, a Purdue University researcher has reported finding evidence that North Korea has been logging in what is designated as a protected United Nations forest preserve.


Realigning College Football

No one can begrudge a conference for wanting to add a new revenue stream.


Monday, 17 May 2010

4 Lessons Learned From Googles Nexus One Store Closure

Google plans to close its online retail store for the Nexus One handset in the U.S. and instead pursue the mobile operator retail model it uses in Europe with Vodafone.

A failed experiment? Perhaps, but at least now Google won't be competing with its partners.


If BP Were a Human Being

If BP were a person it would be a career criminal, a pathological liar and an international serial killer with a rap sheet several times the size of the Chicago Yellow Pages.


How Seth Stevenson Ran an Ad on Fox News

Slate ad critic Seth Stevenson tries out a Google service that allows you to run your own commercial on national TV for as little as $100.


Scientists find huge oil plumes deep in Gulf of Mexico

Scientists have discovered enormous plumes of oil in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, in an indication that the leak from an underwater well could be far worse than previously estimated, The New York Times reported late Saturday.


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Environmentalist pessimistic about Gulf oil spill cleanup

Local environmentalist John Wathen: "Never in my environmental career have I used the word hopeless, but I think this is absolutely hopeless,� Wathen said.

Even if they shut off (the leak) in the near future, we will have years of impact and there will be oil sheen hitting the coast of America" His Recent Video:


Google WiFi Data Collection A Mistake

Google said Friday its Street View cameras have mistakenly collected personal data transmitted over unprotected WiFi networks since 2007.


EcoFriendly Automotive Tech We Dont Have To Wait For

There are countless new cars grabbing headlines for their advanced, fuel-saving technology.

The only catch is that these cars are not here right now. Luckily, there are some technologies available to us all right now.


New Research Paves the Way for Possible Cure for Deafness

Stanford University scientists have artificially grown stem cells that can sense sound in the ear in a breakthrough that could pave the way to a cure for deafness...


Quit Facebook Day Wants Users To Leave

As controversy swells around Facebook's latest changes to its privacy policy--which is now longer than the Constitution and offers some 50 settings and over 170 options--users'; interest in deleting their Facebook accounts has soared.

A group of dissatisfied Facebook users have teamed up in an effort to organize a mass, coordinated exodus fr


Quantum Dynamics of Matter Waves Reveal Multibody Collisions

At extremely low temperatures atoms can aggregate into so-called Bose Einstein condensates forming coherent laser-like matter waves.

Due to interactions between the atoms fundamental quantum dynamics emerge and give rise to periodic collapses and revivals of the matter wave field.


Saturday, 15 May 2010

Do We Really Only Make Green Changes That Are Easy

What do The Cove, Foie Gras and Oil-Covered Birds Have in Common?


10 Insanely Green Sheds

Standard-issue backyard sheds can be full of harsh chemicals and environmentally damaging materials.

Here are 10 stunning, innovative and sometimes downright extreme green shed designs.


Virgin Galactic Falls Far Short of NASA [infographics]

Most of us would kill to hitch a ride on Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, but as this graphic will show you, compared to the ISS or the Space Shuttle, it flies relatively low�*just* 68 miles from the ground. [DVICE]

Source: gizmodo/full (Gizmodo)

Crude Awakening Understanding Oil Spill Impact GRAPHIC

An infographic to help you understand the oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico and the incredible costs that will affect us all.


Friday, 14 May 2010

Students Raise More than 100000 for Facebook Alternative

Four New York University students have a vision to build Diaspora, an open source personal web service that will put individuals in control of their data,� or essentially the anti-Facebook.


Red Dead Redemption Launch Trailer HD

The launch trailer for Rockstars expansive, Western epic, Red Dead Redemption, is finally here.


YouTube to Allow Private Videos

Users will be able to publish and share videos on YouTube without them appearing in public search.


Size Comparison of Massive Open World Video Game Maps PIC

The picture pits various open world video game maps up against each other in terms of scale.

Surprises include just how tiny GTA IIIs map is in comparison (didnt it seem huge at the time?) and how small Oblivions world is compared to Just Cause.


Thursday, 13 May 2010

BP Was Aware Of Cheating On Blowout Preventer Tests

An oil industry whistleblower said that BP had been aware for years that tests of the device were being falsified.


How big does the world appear to an insect

I like this question because it can be answered at different levels.

First, what do you mean by world? If you mean "the Earth", then the answer would be that the Earth essentially appears the same to an insect as it does to us humans (from a size perspective).


Flying Dinosaur Really Had Feathers

Scientists have aimed a high-energy X-ray beam at a fossil specimen of Archaeopteryx, the famed "flying dinosaur" and identified key chemicals in the 150-million-year-old bones, wings and soft tissue that settle definitively that the feather-like impressions in the rock that entombed Archaeopteryx were left by real feathers evolved for flight.


Yahoos ingenious plan to force users to switch to Gmail

Yahoo Mail blocked over Wi-Fi on Google Android smartphones


8 Google Search Alternatives

If you're performing all of your searches through a single search engine, you're missing out on a lot of results.

The site does a lot of things right, but there's still a lot of innovation happening in the search space outside of Google. Here are eight alternatives to Google


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Curiously Hackable 8 Awesome Altoids Tin Hacks

Who knew there was so much you can do with an Altoids tin?


Waste Combustor Turns Plastic into Clean Energy

Imagine if nearly all used plastic was diverted from the recycling plant or landfill and used to create clean, renewable energy.

That's exactly the vision that prompted Yiannis Levendis and his team students to create a new double-tank waste combustor. The combustor prototype converts plastic waste into energy without creating harmful emissions.


HIV Man Charged w Bioterrorism after Fight w Neighbor

Michigan's 1998 bioterrorism law was passed to combat terrorism after the Oklahoma City bombing and a Michigan anthrax scare.


Oppose the Food Safety Modernization Act S 510

Most dangerous bill in the history of the U.S.

Similar to the Kissinger Plan and totally unconstitutional.


BSA global software piracy down yearoveryear

The Business Software Alliance has completed its annual survey, which is showing that the rate of software piracy is slowing.

The BSA pats itself on the back for that one, but larger economic trends may be the main drivers of the slowdown.


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Twitter Forgets That You Have Friends

If you look right now at the your twitter account it lists 0 followers and 0 following.

Sorry buddy, Twitter thinks you're not worthy enough to have friends.


Toyota Hydrogen FuelCell Car To Come In 2015 For 50000

Toyota's first production vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell will be a sedan model with the range of a gasoline model, said a company executive last week.

It will be priced at roughly $50,000, and go on sale in 2015. That's more expensive than upcoming electric vehicles like the 2011 Nissan...


Right Wing Media Calls Elena Kagan a Socialist Bad Driver

One of the tell tale signs of how a Supreme Court nominee is going to fare is always the initial criticism of the opposition.

So far the right wing has President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagen with allegations that she a socialist (Glenn Beck), hates the military (Bill Kristol), and is a bad driver (National Review).


Kagan must be Filibustered

I urge the GOP to fight this nomination.

They should filibuster Kagan and expose this Chicago style "cronyism" for exactly what it is.


Monday, 10 May 2010

Fap Turbo

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Obtenga un Robot Forex Que Es Capaz De Doblar Su Dinero Todos Los Meses
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Limpiador De Registro

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Wet asteroids could serve as interplanetary rest areas

The recent discovery of an asteroid wrapped in ice suggests that astronauts could stop at space rocks for washing and refueling.

Source: feeds/top (Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories)&utm_cont

RIP LENA HORNE 1917 2010
May 09, 2010 Q13 FOX News


Hangover Molecule in Brain Found

Scientists have discovered the molecule in the brain that leads to hangovers.

The neuropeptide, a brain-signalling molecule, is believed to cause the body to experience withdrawal symptoms as the brain tries to adapt to different intoxication levels.

Source: Livesciencecom ( Science Headline Feed)&utm_content=Google Reader

Ron Paul Audit the Fed No More Bailouts - 05/10/2010 Ron Paul is America's leading voice for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to soun...


Los Mas Grandes Secretos del Oro

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Domine Camtasia

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Gross Injustice Done To A 911 Hero Bernie Kerik HERO
May 09, 2010 News Corp


Sunday, 9 May 2010

US Urges Swift Action in Pakistan After Failed Times Squar

The Obama administration has delivered new warnings to Pakistan that it must urgently move against the nexus of Islamic militancy in the country���s lawless tribal regions, officials said.


Man Plays Wii Bites Mother Then Goes On Rampage

Its been a long while since outlandish, reactionary behaviour has darkened the doorstep of Nintendos notoriously family-friendly Wii console, but apparently theres nothing like the summer heat to send even the most reputedly docile gaming crowd off the deep end.


Top 10 Game Characters You Dont Want as Your Mother

This Mother's Day, make sure to take the time to go and give your actual mother an extra firm hug and be thankful you got her, and not one of the below badasses.


Arizona law is good politics

Critics of Arizona's tough new immigration law, which makes illegal immigration a state crime, have called supporters of the bill "racist," "mean-spirited" and "un-American." Here's the newsflash: The measure is also good politics, not only in Arizona, but nationally.


Formula De Negocios

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Lucky Days

Un estudio de 30 a�os de juegos de azar y la mitad de la astrolog�a ha revelado que existe un patr�n de tr�nsito que a...
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India to Replace 400 Million Incandescent Lamps with CFLs

India is all set to launch a project to replace as many as 400 million incandescent lamps with CFLs.

The project will be the largest CDM project in the world, offsetting 40 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually.


25 Best Video Game Cameos

From Ricky Gervais to Michael Jackson, we take a look at the 25 best video game cameos.


Ancient meteorites in Antarctica could reveal origins of Sol

Uncovered in the central part of Antarctica, the two tiny meteorites appear to have come from ancient comets.

Source: feeds/top (Christian Science Monitor | Top Stor

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sandra Bullocks New African Fashion Accessory

Sandra Bullock has acquired a new fashion accessory - an anti-racist accessory, designed to show the whole world her up-to-date political views.


How Oil Breaks Down in Water

Nature has its own chemical processes to minimize oil's impact in seawater�can human dispersant efforts measure up?

Source: pm/latest ( - Latest Content)&utm_content=Google Reade

Adelgaza Sin Rebote

La misma Paola Fuentes, es hoy quien hace la cr�tica. Ella va a analizar Adelgaza Sin Rebote...
Los metodos secretos para adelgazar y quemar grasa rapidamente sin volver a ganar el peso nuevamente. Usted puede obtener la informacion ahora mismo y comenzar...
Lea todo acerca de Adelgaza Sin Rebote aqu�:

ABC Whites Should Not Adopt Black Children

World News on ABC, inspired by current efforts to adopt orphans in Haiti, correspondent Ron Claiborne filed a report promoting the view that black children may be harmed psychologically from being adopted and raised by white parents.

Claiborne focused on the case of black filmmaker Phil Bertelsen...


Concord MA to be First US Town to Ban Bottled Water

Last week residents in Concord, MA voted to ban the sale of bottled water by next January, which would make it the first U.S. town to take such action.


Posicionamiento Con Video Marketing

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The Washington MonthlyQUOTE OF THE DAY Pence on Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the best monthly jobs report in 4 years: 290,000 jobs created in April (strongest performance since the start of the Great Recession); manufacturing saw its biggest jump in 12 years.

Mike Pence (R IN) said, "Democrat [sic] policies of taxing, spending and bailouts are having a chilling effect on job creators.


Friday, 7 May 2010

Feds Let BP Avoid Filing Blowout Plan For Gulf Oil Rig

Petrochemical giant BP didn't file a plan to specifically handle a major oil spill from an uncontrolled blowout at its Deepwater Horizon project because the federal agency that regulates offshore rigs changed its rules two years ago to exempt certain projects in the central Gulf region, according to an Associated Press report.


Greece stands on the edge of the abyss

Greek unions are mobilising for new demonstrations against austerity cuts as the government races to push the unprecedented measures through parliament a day after deadly rioting.


Times Square Car Bomber Saves 900 Cops Jobs Cui Bono
May 06, 2010 C-SPAN


Shahzad Questioned Extensively Before Miranda Still Talking

Shahzad, a naturalized U.S. citizen, did eventually have his rights read to him, but not until after he was questioned extensively under a public safety exception� to the Miranda rule.

Fox News Jamie Colby reported today that a source on the Homeland Security Committee� told her that Shahzad was read his rights 9 1/2 hrs after questioning."


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Chart depicts the Rise and Decline of McCain Maverickness

Ben Lauderdale, a Ph.D. student in Princetons Department of Politics, uses a statistical analysis to plot the relative mavericky-ness of various members of Congress.

So just how mavericky is Sen. John McCain? Not nearly as mavericky as he once was. He peaked in 2001-02 and now falls below the average member of Congress.


Media promotes farfetched bin Laden in Iran report

According to a new film, Osama bin Laden has been living in Iran's capital of Tehran since 2003 and regularly taking part in the elite sport of falcon hunting. This seemingly bizarre story has been taken seriously by US media, and ABC's George Stephanopoulos even raised the question with Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who called it 'laughable.'