Saturday, 31 July 2010

Will Facebook Ever Be Replaced

Much to its credit, Facebook (which may not even qualify as a start-up any longer) has stood firm in the rapid river that is the modern social web and has grown into one of the most powerful web properties online.

Could it be that Facebook has found a unique formula that protects them from obsolescence and makes it irreplaceable?


MSNBC Does a ReDo on Matthews Defending Breitbart

One of the most bizarre things I've seen in a long time.

Chris Matthews had Howard Dean and Joan Walsh on to discuss the Shirley Sherrod debacle and what Andrew Breitbart did to slime her and the Obama administration's response; when Walsh and Dean pointed out that Breitbart's video was highly edited, Matthews goes ballistic.


A Test for the Senate GOP

Unpleasant watching the Senate lately.

The DISCLOSE Act came up; every single Senate Republican joined together to block the bill from even getting a vote. A package of incentives and tax breaks for small businesses looked to be in good shape, but every single Senate Republican joined together to knock that down, too. 20 obviously qualified judicia


Chilling Effect Cartel Violence Silences Mexican Media

NUEVO LAREDO, MEXICO -- "Nowhere is the media controlled more than it is here," said one reporter, who stressed he would face serious danger if identified. "There is total control." The extreme criminal violence flailing much of Mexico has returned to this rattled city on the Rio Grande where it started six years ago.


Predicting entrepreneurial success Got what it takes

If you were trying to find successful entrepreneurs -- people who can innovate and commercialize radically new ideas -- what would you look for?


Give Tiger A Break PIC

Give Tiger A Break� (PIC)


Friday, 30 July 2010

TIME magazine uses exploitive photo to pimp nationbuilding

Certainly, the victims of the Taliban must be helped, but a prolonged occupation isnt the way to do that.

Its intellectually dishonest for Stengel and TIME to present this new cover without also depicting the total carnage inflicted upon civilians by the U.S.-led assault. Liberal media, my ass.


State of Denial After the Big Leak Spinning for War

Washingtons spin machine is in overdrive to counter the massive leak of documents on Afghanistan.

Much of the counterattack revolves around the theme that the documents arent particularly relevant to this years new-and-improved war effort. Unfortunately, that effort has remained on the same basic track as the old strategy�except for escalation.


Australia announces more Iran sanctions

The Federal Government has announced more sanctions against Iran as part of international effort to dissuade the country from pursuing its nuclear ambitions.


Android App Congress from SunlightFoundationcom

'Congress' is a free pocket directory that allows you to quickly get detailed information on your members of Congress, and what they're up to.

Follow the latest bills and laws, see recent votes, and read about your legislators in the news.


Climate Weapons More Than Just a Conspiracy Theory Inte

Back in the 1970ies, Z.

Brzezinski invoked in his Between Two Ages the theme of weather control, which he regarded as a form of broader social regulation. No doubt, the heavyweight of the US geopolitical thinking had to take interest not only in the immediate social but also in the potential geopolitical implications of influencing the climate


Thursday, 29 July 2010

Senate Climate Bill Dies Does the Environment Win

There is a better way.

Virtually everyone who truly desires emissions reductions agrees that putting a (rising) price on carbon is essential. But there's another, better way to do that, one that also would deliver an economic bonus to a majority of Americans: the government should instituted a fee-and-dividend system.


Coming Home

The ageless sun, in it's ageless quest, sweeps life forward in it's ageless jest.

Seeking eternally for the gold of springtime, and the hoped for thrills of finding wealth in the far off hills....


BPfunded researcher Spill is no big deal for Gulf coast

Thank goodness, I was worried. Impact of Gulf spill 'quite small': expert says.
Louisiana's fragile marshes should recover from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in a matter of months and the environmental impact will be "quite small" said from geologist Ed Owens, a "world authority" on protecting shorelines from oil spills contracted by BP.


Sen Kerry to introduce Internet privacy bill

Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), chairman of the Communications Subcommittee, said Tuesday that he will introduce an online privacy bill that will create standards for how consumer data is collected and used for marketing.

It will also give users more control over how their Internet activity and profiles are accessed by advertisers and Web sites.


Whither Obamas Economic Agenda Will it Speed Recovery

The President is right about the Republicans threatening to make things worse, but is he really making them any better? He seems to prefer shadow boxing than ripping into his opponents, being a mediator rather than a fighter.

Already, he's getting a lot of flack for being "anti-business."


Sit stay mow the lawn play dead

The only trick an old dog can learn.


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Candidates Poll Numbers Drop After Palin Endorsement

Backfire! Palin's endorsement of GOP candidate Kelly Ayotte in the race for Senate in New Hampshire may have adversely affected the conservative contender's campaign.

A new survey from Public Policy Polling finds that Ayotte has experienced diminished support from moderate voters since the ex-AK Gov. issued a statement of support


Home Vacancies Rise as US Ownership Falls to Lowest in

About 18.9 million homes in the U.S. stood empty during the second quarter as surging foreclosures helped push ownership to the lowest level in a decade.


Jellyfish Eyes Solve Optical Origin Mystery

Eyes are one of evolutions marvels, described by Darwin as an organ of extreme perfection.


Legalize Marijuana Says Former San Jose Police Chief Joseph

Ask former San Jose Police Chief Joseph McNamara when he began to support the notion of legalizing marijuana, and you don't get a short answer.

It began half a century ago, when he was a rookie cop busting dope fiends in Harlem on a daily basis. It continued as he rose up the ranks, and was sent by the New York Police Department...


US Consumer Confidence Falls Lowest Since February CNBC

U.S. consumer confidence sank in July to its lowest since February on job market worries, underscoring the slow path to economic recovery, a report released Tuesday showed.


Becks incendiary angst close to having a body count

The pundi's crusade against the Tides Foundation is the latest in a line of tirades that have led to violence.

Note that the radicial rights media rhetoric is no longer even political in a partisan sense. Instead, its purely revolutionary.


25 People and Industries That Profit From Fear

Indeed, even if the most crucial professionals, like doctors, have their own ways of scaring you into agreeing to their offerings.

We look at how 25 everyday people and industries take a bite out of you by playing on your fear.


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Highlighting the truth Real numbers on illegal immigration

"The problem of illegal immigration isnt a matter of violent criminals storming the walls of our peaceful towns and cities.

Its a matter of what to do about the estimated eleven million unauthorized residents who are already here. The mass-deportation fantasies of some notwithstanding, the great majority of illegals� are here to stay..."


Beijing alienates proChina interest groups in US Europe

China is becoming increasingly hostile towards foreign multinationals, alienating many of its key supporters in Europe and the United States.


Genocide in Cambodia Who were the Khmer Rouge

The first former Khmer Rouge cadre has been sentenced to prison in a verdict that has angered some over the period of prison time -- 35 years that could be reduced to 19 -- and been welcomed by others as a first step.


Scott Galvins Campaign Signs Vandalized With AntiGay Slurs

Yard signs for Scott Galvin's congressional campaign have been vandalized with anti-gay slurs


Wikileaks Exposing US And NATOs War Crimes In Afghanistan

Today, The White House sternly condemned the release by Wikileaks� of nearly 92,000 secret US military documents about the conflict in Afghanistan as irresponsible.

The files were made available yesterday by the whistle-blower website, and includes details of covert operations against top Taliban, unreported civilian killings.....


William Black Unlimited Taxpayer Bailout of FDIC Coming

Last Friday seven more banks failed, bringing the total bank failures to 103.
U.S. bank failures this year have surpassed a bleak milestone of 100 as regulators shut down banks in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Kansas, Nevada, Minnesota, and Oregon.

The number of banks on the FDIC's confidential "problem" list jumped to 775 in the first q


El Set De El Secreto

El libro EL SECRETO... le revelar� la clave para el control absoluto de lo que suceder� en su vida cuando aprenda a manejar la ley...
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De un vistazo aqu� a la revisi�n completa:

Monday, 26 July 2010

Police No comment about Gore interview

Portland police are not commenting on reports that detectives have interviewed former Vice President Al Gore about accusations that he molested a Portland masseuse in 2006.

Bureau spokesperson Det.

Mary Wheat refused to confirm or deny reports that detectives interviewed Gore on Thursday.


Prison inmates released to commit killing

Top officials in Mexico said Sunday that authorities at a prison released and armed several inmates to attack a group of people during a birthday celebration last week, in a killing spree that left 17 dead.

Source: rss/cnn_topstories (RSS: Top Stories)

Rachel on the Sherrod Charade and Other Leftist Prejudice

This is another one of those guys who dont exist: a black Tea Party supporter.

Alfonzo Rachel takes the Obama Administration and their allies to task for behaving stupidly� with the Henry Louis Gates arrest , the lawsuit against Arizona for doing the job the feds refuse to do, and the Shirley Sherrod debacle.


Obamas Bungling of Sherrod Issue Clouds Accomplishments

The day after skidding to his worst approval rating, President Obama and his team came across as rattled and defensive - traits Americans don't like in their leaders.

The administration's stumble-bungling in the Shirley Sherrod melodrama is an epic case of lousy damage control - and that's putting it mildly.


The Formation of a Lightning Bolt

This is absolutely breathtaking.

The branching and patterning is absolutely amazing. Lightning may be only slightly less cool than blood vessels. Only slightly....


The WikiLeaks Afghanistan Leak

What will be the consequences of the greatest government leak since the Pentagon Papers?


How Loyalty is Costing You Money

Your parents probably taught you way back in the day that loyalty is a good quality.

And for the most part, it is. We're loyal to our family, our friends, our spouse and to a host of other things. And for the most part, it works for us. Yet when it comes to money, being loyal is one of the worst things you can do.


Sunday, 25 July 2010

Settlement reached in case of gay couple kept apart during

A California man whose claims of elder abuse and discrimination have galvanized gay rights advocates across the country agreed to settle his lawsuit against Sonoma County Thursday.


Fallujahs health fallout worse than Hiroshima Nagasaki

According to a study by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, rates of cancer, leukemia, infant mortality and sexual mutations in Fallujah are higher than those reported in the aftermath of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear detonations.

The U.S. maintains that depleted uranium is safe.


Andrew Breitbart and Political Pornography

Andrew Breitbart has a job to do and he does it well.

Breitbarts job is to lie and distort the truth in order to advance a right-wing agenda, embarrass liberals, and undermine the Obama administration.


Pelosi Deficit reduction and Social Security not the same

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unambiguously said Saturday she opposes raising retirement age and rebuffed propositions to cut Social Security benefits as a way of reducing the deficit.


Pro Libertate The Regimes War on Food

The federal Food and Drug Administration, working through a multi-state network of sycophants, is treating the private distribution of raw milk as a species of criminal conspiracy.

Borrowing a tactic employed in the War on Drugs, the Feds are seeking to extort the cooperation of some consumers to work as informants


Better Bet

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Taliban claims to capture 2 US soldiers in Afghanistan

KABUL -- Two American soldiers went missing after driving off their base in Kabul on Friday afternoon, and the Taliban later claimed to have captured them in eastern Afghanistan, NATO officials said Saturday, the same day five U.S. troops were killed in the south.


Saturday, 24 July 2010

Angle Doesnt Seem to Have to Offer Voters

If you can stand even one more news story on Sharron Angle, Republican nominee and challenger to Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.), let me recommend Amy Gardne's hilarious campaign report, "Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle back on campaign trail to win over Nevada", in today's Washington Post.

Gardner really captures all of Angle's


Anchorage Police Officer repels black bear with Taser

A problem bear that has been frequenting Hillside homes and yards in recent weeks was subjected to shock therapy from police spokesman Lt.

Dave Parker's Taser on Thursday morning.


Colbert Stephen Versus Nature

Mother Earth is out to get us.

Put your Styrofoam cup in your ivory cup holder and help Stephen fight back!


Shrimp on Prozac are killing themselves

A study shows that drug traces in our waste can affect marine life behavior.

Shrimp are a shy and retiring lot, living in shadows and dark crevices to hide from predators. When they're swimming in concentrations of Prozac as those found in the water around some urban areas, they become 5 x more likely to swim towards light, making them easy prey.


NFL Tight End Matchup Nightmares [GALLERY]

No other position in the NFL had a better decade than tight end and these 10 give current defensive coordinators the biggest fits.


The Long Game And The Breitbart Implosion The Daily Dish

Andrew Sullivan explains how Breitbart's deception, and Fox News's collusion, have brought about a split on the right, and how Obama can watch and wait as the right wing self-destructs.


Hosts Mangle Angles FOX Friends Debut

LAS VEGAS -- Harry Reid may not need to spend millions of dollars to marginalize his opponent in the U.S.

Senate race. He can just let FOX & Friends� handle it.


Friday, 23 July 2010

3 Out of Every 4 Oil Gas Lobbyists Worked for Federal Gov

Key lobbying hires include 18 former members of Congress and dozens of former presidential appointees.

For other senior management positions, the industry employs two former directors of the Minerals Management Service, the since-renamed agency that regulates the industry, and several top officials from the Bush White House.


Newspaper Withdraws Endorsement Of GOPer Hes a Birther

The Hutchinson News has withdrawn its endorsement of primary candidate Tracey Mann, who is running for the Republican nomination in KS-01.

The reason? "Quite simply, the reason is that it turns out Mann is what is known as a birther," the newspaper's editorial board wrote yesterday.


Oakland Seeks Financial Lift Approves Giant Marijuana Farms

For now, the drug is for medical use, but if California legalizes marijuana possession, Oakland could be sitting on a big cash crop.


Physicists Confirm DecadesOld Key Principle Experimentally

When waves -- regardless of whether light or sound -- collide, they overlap creating interferences.

Austrian and Canadian quantum physicists have now been able to rule out the existence of higher-order interferences experimentally and thereby confirmed an axiom in quantum physics: Born's ...


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Palin Ripped in Front Page Editorial

Sarah Palin's endorsement of Kelly Ayotte for U.S.

Senate should neither surprise nor upset the other campaigns. The race will be won by the candidate who impresses New Hampshire voters, and New Hampshire voters are rarely impressed by what outsiders have to say.

Source: W. McQuaid: Palin's new pal&articleId=68ebf937-f17c-4d62-b9be-f351f895a8a8

Newt Gingrich Obama Like a Teenager with a Credit Card

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich criticized President Obama this morning on NBC's "Today," likening the president's approach to the economy and unemployment to that of a "teenager with a credit card."


Senate Passes Bill To Restore Jobless Benefits

President Obama is poised to sign the measure into law after a final House vote on Thursday.

The measure had once been considered routine but got caught up in a monthslong battle between Democrats and Republicans over whether the benefits should be financed with additional federal debt or with cuts to other programs.


Paul Krugman Depression Debt

Hoover the wild and crazy borrower?
FTA: "And the Hoover experience also provides a nice illustration of self-defeating austerity � not only didnt austerity produce economic recovery, it didnt even improve the fiscal position."


Bernanke Sees No Quick End to High Rate of Joblessness

In a report to Congress, Ben S.

Bernanke said that it would take significant time to restore the 8.5 million jobs lost in 2008 and 2009.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Rovelinked group uses secret donors to fund attacks

The new group, called American Crossroads GPS, has been telling donors their contributions would be used to dig up dirt on Congressional Democrats expense account abuses� and to frame the BP oil spill as Obamas Katrina.�


Artscape Baltimores Best Festival to Avoid Completely

If the government would concentrate on renovating and rebuilding the crumbling rowhouses, and work on ameliorating the de facto segregation that defines its neighborhoods, rather than pumping money into a sterile and homogenous street fair that has nothing to do with art, Baltimore might be more than a third-tier city.


Has the GOPs Tactical Angle in Nevada Backfired

Sharron Angle is getting 9% with liberals and 80% with conservatives, down just slightly from the 12% and 82% former GOP candidate Sue Lowden was getting.

But where Lowden trailed Reid only 51-41 with moderate voters, Angle is facing a 64-28 deficit. The price of nominating Angle for Nevada Republicans appears to be 26 points with moderate voters�


Why Do Women Like Shopping Graphic

Women shop for many reasons.

Whether they are finding the perfect gift or buying groceries for the family, women tend to spend a lot of time in the stores. It would be a good bet that those women are shopping for others.


Google Image Labeler

"A feature of Google Search that allows you to label images and help improve the quality of Google's image search results..."


Roy Ashburn Says He Voted Against His Own Best Interests

California State Senator Roy Ashburn says he voted against his own best interests because he was 'terrified' of being outed


Google Agrees to Chinese Censorship

China renewed Google's Internet license after it pledged to obey censorship laws and stop automatically switching mainland users to its unfiltered Hong Kong site, an official said Tuesday in Beijing's first public comment on its decision.


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Watchmen on the Walls

Our overly centralized nationalist government, though limited at its inception, has grown through the accretion of time and tradition ultimately becoming that which it was never meant to be: a colossus standing with its steel boot upon the throat of freedom.

Meanwhile, history is a powerful tool in the hands of the watchmen on the wall.


Unveiled Laser used to shoots down planes

Laser beams have been used for the first time in naval warfare to shoot down aircraft, it can be disclosed.


Shootout in Oakland May Have Been Result of Pentup AntiGov

A Tuolumne County man opened fire on two CHP officers who pulled him over on WB I-580 near Grand Ave. a few minutes before midnight.

He continued shooting for several minutes with a high powered rifle before 10 officers returned fire and seriously wounded him, despite his body armor. His mother says that he was upset by the "left-wing Congress"


BiBi Says US is a Pushover 2775 Billion US Dollars Say He

Joe Lieberman, Lindsay Graham and John McCain pledge support for attack on Iran while the US sends $2.775 to Israel and Bibi Netanyahu's real thinking is exposed.


30 Under 30 Americas Coolest Young Entrepreneurs

Past 30 Under 30 winners have included Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Aaron Patzer of, and Tom Szaky of Terracycle.

See which up and coming entrepreneurs will be household names a few years down the line.


Monday, 19 July 2010

Chinese Turn To Religion To Fill A Spiritual Vacuum

Alongside China's astonishing economic boom, an almost unnoticed religious boom has been taking place.

The collapse of the communist ideology created a void that has left many Chinese looking for a value system.


Fifth Circuit upholds religious rights of American Indian ki

AUSTIN A federal appeals court recently upheld a lower court ruling that the Needville Independent School District violated Texas state law by punishing a 5-year-old American Indian kindergarten student for wearing his hair in traditional braids as a form of expressing his family';s religious beliefs.

The case was brought by the ACLU


Obamas AntiBusiness Policies Are Our Economic Katrina

The growing divide and tension between the Obama administration and the business world is a cause for national concern.

As Clive Crook wrote in the Financial Times, Obama is "a president under business attack." He is certainly under sharp criticism and for good reason: He has lost the confidence of much of the business community, whose worries over


Iroquois Nationals stance rooted in identity and sovereignty

A Native American lacrosse team's principled stand this week on behalf of their tribe's sovereignty should make government officials in two countries blush and embolden other tribes to stand up for their own sovereignty.


Tennessee Volunteers Football The New Southern Gothic

Tennessee Volunteer football teams took the field to further burnish their literary reputations.

Because to hell with SEC championships, Vol football players are too busy raping, robbing and beating their own fan base to worry about whipping Florida and Alabama. Right now, the most outlandish southern stories are sung to Rocky Top.


What if the Tea Party was Black

What if the Tea Party was black? At minimum, it's pretty clear that its gun-toting and violent rhetoric against the president would probably not be going over terribly well, especially with law enforcement (think the Old Black Panthers carrying guns into the State Capitol in Sacramento).


Sunday, 18 July 2010

Beneath Divides About Race Are Generational Fault Lines

The Tea Party and the N.A.A.C.P. represent disproportionately older memberships.

And herein lies a problem with so much of our discussion about race and politics in the Obama era: we tend not to recognize the generational divide that underlies it.


Violent Offenders Had Sex With Dates At Youth Prison Party

The NY State Commission of Correction says top officials and staff were irresponsible when they authorized and failed to supervise a party at a youth prison where some violent offenders had sex with dates.

The commission faults the Office of Children and Family Services for directing the Goshen Secure Center in the Hudson Valley to hold the Dec


Obama Rips GOP for Continuing to Block Unemployment Benefits

Today, President Obama lashed out at the Senate GOP for continuing to block an extension of unemployment benefits.

Obama said, "They've got no problem spending money on tax breaks for folks at the top who don't need them and didn't even ask for them; but they object to helping folks laid off in this recession who really do need help.�


Outrage over alleged immigrant list

An anonymous letter and list has privacy advocates outraged and many Latinos in Utah worried for their safety. People on the list have even gotten threatening calls--even when kids answer.


Paul Krugman What Went Wrong The Rahm Factor

How Rahm Emmanuel crippled the stimulus package, doomed us to a lame semi-recovery, and probably gave away the House in the process.


Whats a Little Marriage Fraud Between Amigos

It's a felony, sure, but in the absence of real immigration reform, some young, assimilated illegal immigrants see it as their best path to citizenship.


73000 Wordpress blogs shut down by US Government

This is alarming.

Torrent news site TorrentFreak is now reporting that Wordpress host Blogetery has been shut down by United States authorities� along with all 73,000 Blogetery-hosted blogs.
Although details are still very tentative, heres what we know: Blogeterys entire site has been taken down, and the companys ISP is claiming that they had


Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bizarre DeepSea Creatures Spotted in Australia [8 Pics]

Bizarre Deep-Sea Creatures Spotted in Australia [8 Pics]


Most Think Bank Bailout Came During Obama Term

A new Pew Research poll finds that just 34% of Americans know that the federal government's bank bailout program was actually signed into law by President Bush while 47% incorrectly believe it was enacted during the Obama's administration.


8 of the creepiest trees on Earth

Trees can be described as regal� or majestic.� But they can also be some of the spookiest vegetation on the planet.


More seniors than teens are in the work force

Older people are staying in the workforce longer, and that has helped bring about a new phenomenon: Now, for the first time on record, more seniors than teenagers are in the labor force.


Ninja Girls Top 5 Overlooked 16Bit Games a lil nsfw

JD's resident sexy gamer dons revealing clothing and talks about old school gaming.


Friday, 16 July 2010

Emmer Had Past DWIs And Sponsored Bills To Soften DWI Laws

Here's an interesting flashback into the recent political career of Minnesota state Rep.

Tom Emmer, the presumptive Republican nominee for governor: He sponsored legislation last year to lower the legal penalties and procedural hurdles that face accused drunk drivers -- all while he has had brushes with the law on this very subject in his own past.


The US Argentina And Gay Marriage

First Latin American nation to enact same-sex marriages did so after a socially conservative citizenry demanded it.


Winners and Losers

The State Department, a repository of underused talent, should not be the White House annex for non-critical affairs.


Charles Krauthammer Obamas next act

I have a warning for Republicans: Don't underestimate Barack Obama.


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Cops Set Up Marijuana Doctors in AntiPot Colorado Town

Colorado may be on the leading edge of medical marijuana use -- but that's not the case in the suburb of Aurora, where cops fake illnesses, seek out pot-prescribing doctors and try to catch them in the act of writing a prescription.

Pro-pot advocates call it a huge waste of taxpayer dollars. The PD chief is coy: "I have no comment."


GOP To Unemployed Why Wont You All Just Get Some Jobs

Here's TPM's round-up of GOPers hating on the jobless for...well, for being jobless.


Is Obama maximizing his power of persuasion

This is how I would describe President Obamas approach to getting the American public moving again.

Talking job creation and financial regulatory reform is one thing, but a presidents main source of power is his power to persuade.


Teenage Angler Reels in 5lb Goldfish

Giant catch plucked from lake in Dorset may be the biggest goldfish ever found in Britain


7 Items That Tell People Youre A Douche

Were not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but humans arent perfect and its only natural for us to judge based on first impressions.


Craigslist Strippers Pepperspray Clients Run

Without even removing a stitch of clothing, two female strippers found on Craigslist took their fee and ran�and peppersprayed their clients on the way out.


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

John Robbins The Brutality of Factory Farms An Inside Look

Although genetically engineered bovine growth hormone is banned in many countries, including much of the European Union, it is today widely used in California's largest dairy operations.


Beyond Guns NRA Expands Agenda

The National Rifle Associations defining battle is now a matter of settled law, so it has moved into other areas.


Pirate Party MEP Forced To Leave ACTA Meeting TorrentFreak

The degree of secrecy surrounding the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has reached a worrying new height.

Pirate Party MEP Christian Engstrom saw himself forced to leave a meeting with ACTA negotiators in the European Parliament after he was forbidden from sharing information with the public.


Unemployment and debt to boot

Let's think about President Obama's failed economic stimulus program.

Before getting to the nitty-gritty of why stimulus packages fail, let's look at the failed stimulus program of Obama's hero, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


Jon Kyls Hypocricy

If you want to be serious about being fiscally responsible then you can't have some sort of double standard where you hold the line on new spending but ignore the fact that tax cuts add to the deficit.


NY Yankees owner George Steinbrenner dies of heart attack

George Steinbrenner, whose big wallet and win-at-all-cost attitude whipped the New York Yankees into a billion-dollar sports empire, died Tuesday.

He had just celebrated his 80th birthday July 4.


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Hand Writing is on the Wall

If history doesnt help us in the world today its useless.

We might as well study tea leaves if we cant learn from the past to live in the present and shape the future. If we dont learn the lessons of history, one day well wake up to hear a mighty voice, saying, Fallen, fallen, Babylon the great is fallen!�


Herseth Sandlin Reflects South Dakota ValuesNOT

At least one newspaper in South Dakota rejects allegations of being liberally biased�yet claims Rep.

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin reflects South Dakota values. Does that really add up in a state as conservative as South Dakota, when Herseth Sandlin votes with her liberal party over 90% of the time, and with San Francisco liberal Speaker Nancy Pelosi 8


Only One More Step Until iPhone 4 Unlock

MuscleNerd has announced that the iPhone Dev-Team only has one more step to complete before the iPhone 4 is unlocked.


Gordon Howie On the Right Side

Video of Gordon Howies remarks at the On the Right Side� event in Rapid City recently.

Howie talks about where the blame lies for the decline in public morality in our country, threats to freedom, education reform, disengaged citizens, and what needs to happen to change all this.


Monday, 12 July 2010

Hollywood star shows how aid can help Haiti Americas Ind

The life of a Hollywood star isn't all red carpets and luxury hotels.

Not if you're Sean Penn, who woke at sunrise yesterday in a tiny tent on a mosquito-infested hillside overlooking the city of Port-au-Prince, rolled up the sleeves of a filthy shirt, holstered his Glock pistol, and set about trying to make life better for some of the two million


Google Talks Competition With Apple Promises Chrome OS PCs

Google and Apple aren't exactly Microsoft and Apple, but it's getting that way.

These days, Google and Apple are looking like more and more like rivals, mostly because the two are grasping for the same market share in the break-out handset market. However, Google's own Eric Schmidt confessed that he sees things differently...


Thoughtless Faith

Too often, I encounter thoughtless Christians who, frankly, know little or nothing about what they believe and why they believe it and, worse, have little interest in changing their condition.

I am not sure they ever even give these larger questions a second thought. Instead their faith, it seems, is often based on a common set of popular assumptio


4 Arrested in South Africa Trying to Sell Nuclear Device

The officials say the four will appear in court soon to face charges of possession of a radioactive device, as well as health code violations for handling radioactive material in public.


Millonario En 10 Minutos

Reporte real para convertirse en millonario en minutos. Muchos se preguntan como ser rico y como convertirse en millonario rapido, pero pocos saben que pueden...
Con el bajo porcentaje de devoluci�n y alta calificaci�n que ha conseguido este producto, definitivamente es una opci�n que deber�a considerar comprar. ... Sin embargo,...
Lea m�s aqu�:

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Intel Supercomputer Predicts Gulf Spill Atlantic Bound

BP may not know where oil from the Gulf gusher will go next, but Intel does.

The Xeon-powered Encanto supercomputer, located at Intel's Rio Rancho campus, is one of the fastest supercomputers in the world. And all of its 3,500 quad-core processors are devoted to tracking the potential paths of the BP disaster.


BPs Dubious July 27 Kill Date for Stopping the Leak

BP could cap the gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico weeks earlier than expected, BP Gulf spill chief Bob Dudley tells The Wall Street Journal, calling a kill-date of July 20-27 "possible in a perfect world," while pointing out that hurricane season is the wild card.

What's really going on in the Gulf?


News Corp Should Get Rid of MySpace

They've been together for a while.

And I have a question: Should they still be together? Is there any reason for the social networking business to be in Rupert Murdoch's empire?


What to Do After an Oil Rig Dies Californias Quandary

Should an oil platform be completely dismantled after it has served its purpose? Or should it be turned into an artificial reef?


The Science of Cougar Sex Why Older Women Lust

Despite the girls-gone-wild image of promiscuous college women, a new journal article suggests that women are actually more sexual in their 30s and 40s.


Saturday, 10 July 2010

Video Bolton Europe Cant Stomach Attack on Iran

Asked if the U.S. could ever assemble a group of European countries to neutralize Iran, John Bolton said, no, arguing that France, Germany, Italy, and Britain don't have the stomach for the very strong steps that are the only way to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.


John Stewart preinsane McCain

"So they can't arrest you for not carrying your papers, but if you don't have your papers, you can be detained," said a confused Stewart... "I guess that's what is known in Arizona as a catch viente-dos," he joked.


As TruthOMeter Spreads Politicians Rhetoric Exposed

PolitiFact, a Pulitzer Prize-winning project created to fact-check politicians' claims, is teaming up with news outlets around the country to expand its reach.

In Texas, where a contentious governor's race is under way, politicians are chafing at the ratings they're getting on the project's "Truth-O-Meter." Politicians are not happy!


Spy Swap

Spy Swap


Friday, 9 July 2010

21st Century Grid Can we fix infrastructure that powers us

The grid is wondrous.

And yet�in part because we've paid so little attention to it, engineers tell us�it's not the grid we need for the 21st century. It's too old. It's reliable but not reliable enough, especially in the United States, especially for our mushrooming population of finicky digital devices.


Which News Sites Are the Most Shared Graphic

When it comes online news publications, not all sites are equal.

At least not with regards to user engagement and share-ability. According to Backtype (who kindly provided the data), the following ten sites are the most shared news sites online.


Boston judge declares US gay marriage ban unconstitutional

A district judge in Boston, Massachusetts declared Thursday that a nation-wide ban on same-sex marriages is unconstitutional because it prohibits individual states from defining what marriage is and is not.


Hundreds Missing Checks From BP

GRAND ISLE, La. -- Hundreds of fishermen from Lake Charles to Moss Point, Miss., were supposed to get checks from BP but didn't.

Thursday, July 8, 2010.


What is Freedom Nullify Now

"when the government makes a law that says that one person must pay the medical bills of another, or purchase a product that he does not consent to purchase, then it is the government that is the aggressor."


Flush a Corpse and Save the Planet

Take, for example, those pesky dead bodies one has to deal with, after all the funeral weeping is over.

If sincere respect for the dead doesn't concern you, undertakers could dissolve corpses in chemicals then flush the remains into the sewage system under plans being studied by European bureaucrats.


Warming Data Sound Despite Researchers Lack of Openness

The "rigour and honesty" of scientists embroiled in the climate change e-mail affair are "not in doubt" � according to an independent review of the matter released today.


Thursday, 8 July 2010

How To Get Your Very Own Free SSL Certificate

<p><firstimage=""><img class="align-left" style="border: 0px none; margin-left: 20px; margin-top: 5px; float: right;" src="" alt="free ssl certificates" width="231" height="231" />A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate helps us to encrypt the data being transmitted via the Internet.

It will come in handy if you are running a blog or a personal webpage and logging into them from an unsecured public access WiFi Hotspot (such as coffee shops, airports etc).</p>
<p>Transmission of your login information over an unsecured connection can be intercepted and hacked. Internet security is a topic of interest for <a href="">MUO authors</a> and <a href="">our readers</a> alike.</p>
<p>SSL certificates encrypt the login data before transmitting them to your ISP/server making it harder for eavesdroppers to break in. That’s exactly why banks, financial institutions, ecommerce sites etc. use SSL for securing login information, user identity information and credit card data.</p>
<p><span></span><br />
SSL certificates cost a lot if bought from providers like Verisign, GoDaddy etc. For those us who don’t run mission critical portals, that is not an option. Let us see how to get free SSL certificates from <a href="">StartSSL</a>.</p>
<h2>Obtaining The Free SSL Certificate</h2>
<p>A simple signup form kickstarts the process of getting the free SSL certificate. All the details, including home/company address to phone number are mandatory requirements.


Sunrise to Sunset Earths Day Photographed From Space

Stunning new photos from the International Space Station show the Earth below as seen over the course of half an orbit, from sunrise over Northern Europe to sunset over southeast Australia.