Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Troy Davis loses lastditch clemency bid after winning global support CSMonitorcom

Troy Davis, a death row inmate who garnered global support for his claims of innocence, was denied clemency Tuesday by a Georgia parole board.

His execution is scheduled for Wednesday night.


Travis Rice Talks Jackass John Candy And The Art Of Flight

Following months of anticipation and several badass trailers, Travis Rice and the snowboarders behind "The Art of Flight" have descended upon New York City for the world premiere of their visually stunning masterpiece.


INFOGRAPHIC The Incredibly Lengthy Process of Designing a Cereal Box

Costing millions of dollars.


How to Turn Web Apps into Desktop Apps

If you want the reliability and stability of a desktop program without giving up the functionality of a Web app, we've got the solution.


Google finally adds search to Google

And invitations are no longer needed; anyone can join.

As for how many want to, well �


Facebook Seeks Exec to Build Hollywood Media Ties

Facebook is looking to hire a big-name executive to cultivate relationships and strike deals with the film and music industries to bolster its media offerings.


Criticize The Better Business Bureau And Theyll Pull Your Accreditation Techdirt

For many consumers, the Better Business Bureau is considered the authoritative, objective source on whether or not a small business is trustworthy.

Most people think of the group as being quite trustworthy itself. But who's the Better Business...