Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Doing nothing might have been best for oil spill

It might have been better for the environment to have done nothing about the enormous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico except to keep the oil out at sea, British scientists said on Monday.


Is this the end of the oil era

If we are to continue relying on mile-deep drilling, then we need to reassess the future.

It's clear now how high a price we have to pay for deep drilling and other risky extraction technologies. If the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are in some meaningful degree about oil, it is time to move smartly toward the post-petroleum future.


Madeleine Albright Strategies in an Unpredictable World

In November 2010, NATO will hold a summit in Lisbon, Portugal, where leaders will endorse a new Strategic Concept designed to provide guidance for the alliance in an increasingly unpredictable and globalizing world.

Since the alliance last updated its Strategic Concept in 1999, NATO membership has expanded to include nine new member states and h...


Scientists Develop Worlds Fastest Program to Find Patterns

As social networks like Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and Twitter increasingly make it possible to access appropriate information within their networks, a whole host of new applications become possible.

For individuals, search engines could better differentiate 'friends' and suggest groups ...


Police With Limitless Power in Egypt Sparks Protests

A law that gives police wide-ranging powers is challenged after the death of Khaled Said.


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Linking Personality to Brain Structure

Could personality traits actually be related to measurable differences in brain structure?


The Black and the White of It

Can South Africa's World Cup be more than a racial honeymoon?


Electric carmaker Telsa Motors raises 226m via IPO

Telsa has gone public, will start trading tomorrow on nasdaq, raised $226million, never made a profit though.


Wrong Track Distress

With no end to the employment crisis in sight, the U.S. desperately needs to enact an aggressive jobs-creation campaign.


Monday, 28 June 2010

Sen Robert Byrd hospitalized in serious condition


Robert Byrd, the 92-year-old Democrat from West Virginia who is the longest-serving Congress member in history, has been hospitalized in serious condition.

Source: rss/cnn_topstories (RSS: Top Stories)

World Ignores 2400 Uncleaned Oil Spills In Niger

While the world fixes its gaze on the plight of those affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, there are millions of people at the far side of the Atlantic suffering the same fate.

Experts say regulations are key.


McChrystal loose lips and the media

For a cerebral president intent on projecting a united front of seriousness to the public, the story couldn't have been further off message.

The general leading Obama's grim war presented himself not as a hardened warrior-scholar but as the military's most decorated consumer of Bud Light Lime.


Wonkette Waiting For Dick Cheney To Die Get a Chair

Sad but true


BP Slick Reached Mississippi While Haley Barbour Went Fundra

As significant amounts of oil from the BP disaster moved past Mississippis barrier islands this week, Gov.

Haley Barbour (R-MS) partied in Washington DC to raise money for Republicans. On Wednesday, boats were skimming oil near the Petit Bois Island at the Mississippi-Alabama border. He decided to attend to his duties as a political fundraiser


Denver set to pay 175000 for wrongful arrest The Denver

When Amy Shroffs ex-boyfriend violated a restraining order by blocking her exit from a police station parking lot with his pickup, the Denver woman thought officers would come to her defense.

Instead, Officer Frank Spellman mistakenly arrested Shroff for violating the restraining order.


Guia Practica Para Establecer Y Conquistar Metas

La misma Paola Fuentes, se pone en el papel de cr�tica para analizar Guia Practica para Establecer y Conquistar Metas ...
La gu�a pr�ctica para establecer y conquistar metas efectivas, motivantes y coherentes
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Shooting Victim Of San Francisco Gay Pride Event Dies

Nineteen-year-old Stephen Powell is dead after being shot late Saturday night during a San Francisco gay pride event


Sunday, 27 June 2010

Gaming With Defendant Costs Judge His Seat

A Circuit Court Judge for the 30th Circuit in Virginia has vacated his seat following a tale of a 2009 car crash following a night of videogames with a former defendant who had appeared before him in court.


White House Preparing National Online ID Plan

"That path forward will hinge on a new draft of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, due to be released Friday for the first time to the public, for a three-week comment period."


Amazing Little Ladybugs PICS

Amazing Little Ladybugs (PICS)


NOAA Confirms Oil Plumes Are From BPs Well

Government scientists conclude that BP's spewing well is the source of deep-water oil plumes found in the Gulf.


A Key Strand in the Web of Life PhytoPlankton

One of the most important forms of life, PhytoPlankton produce something like 50% of all the Oxygen on Earth - about as much as the world's Forests and Jungles combined.

Sadly in some areas of the ocean, there has been a 30 percent decrease in phytoplankton production between 1999 and 2004 alone.


Virginia Tech Pulls Ahead at Solar Decathlon With Lumenhaus

The metal-clad Lumenhaus has attracted a lot of attention at the Solar Decathlon Europe for its deeply integrated design and ability to adjust to a number of weather conditions.

A potent design that embraces the Bauhaus tradition to illuminate sustainable technology, it also packs a spacious living space into just 800 square feet.


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Photos of the US Military Helicopters Over Toronto G20



La mejor guia para controlar el estrs y la ansiedad

Definitivamente no confiamos en este producto, es uno de los que mas baja puntuaci�n tiene. ... En cambio, sugerimos que mire el mejor dentro de......
Descubra finalmente c�mo tener la vida sin preocupaciones que siempre so��, siguiendo t�cnicas f�ciles de entender que reducir�n r�pidamente el estr�s y eliminar�n la ansiedad.
Lea todo acerca de La mejor gu�a para controlar el estr�s y la ansiedad aqu�:

Leopard turns the tables on hunter Warning Graphic

We now know which one is the real pussy.


Baby Red Panda Born at National Zoo

A baby red panda was born at the National Zoo in Washington, DC on June 16.

The newborn is the first red panda to be born at the zoo in 15 years.


APOD 2010 June 25 The Starry Night of Alamut [PIC]

A meteor's streak and the arc of the Milky Way hang over the imposing mountain fortress of Alamut in this starry scene.

Found in the central Alborz Mountains of Iran, Alamut Castle was built into the rock in the 9th century. The name means Eagle's Nest. Home of the legendary Assassins...


Scientists Find Hints At Coming Antarctic Garbage Patch

You've heard about the Pacific garbage patch and the Atlantic garbage patch, each a sobering sign of how when we throw things away, they don't go "away" -- they often go into the sea, where they remain for a long, long time.

Much of the global ocean remains uncharted in terms of pollution, but unfortunately the more we look, the more we find....


Worlds largest telescope a mile under the Antarctic

Imagine a telescope array that exceeds the height of the Empire State Building, the Chicago Sears Tower, and Shanghai's World Financial Center combined.

That's what astronomers are piecing together about a mile beneath the ice at the south pole.


Friday, 25 June 2010

30 Best Of Nature PhotographyPICS

Nature is all around us, and its beauties are unlimited.

Luckily, there are still people in the world who see this beauty and choose to share it with those of us that are too busy to normally take notice.They take what seems like the ordinary and present it to us in a way that shows us the elegance, the magnificence and the amazing is on the Earth.


Bottled Island PICS

If you don't know what to do, you can make your own artificial island, from only plastic will be fun, I promise


Report Toxins found in whales bode ill for humans

Sperm whales feeding even in the most remote reaches of Earth's oceans have built up stunningly high levels of toxic and heavy metals, according to American scientists who say the findings spell danger not only for marine life but for the millions of humans who depend on seafood.


The 5 Most TERRIBLE Moments of E3 2010

E3 isn't all peaches and pixels.


20 Green MomApproved Summer Tips

Remember when mom used to tell you��Put on your sunblock.� Dont ride your bike in the street.� Dont eat the sand at the beach�. and more? Well, Summer is officially here, so it would probably be a good idea to get a refresher on some of those mom-approved green rules of Summer.


Thursday, 24 June 2010

VIDEO Beck Declares JD Hayworths Campaign is Over

Former Rep.

J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ), primary challenger of John McCain, has earned himself the complete ire and contempt of one the Tea Party kings -- Glenn Beck himself. On his radio show today, Beck ripped Hayworth for his appearance in a 2007 informercial promoting a company's questionable seminars promoting "free money" in government grants.


Obamas fashion factory in Illinois may close

The 1,000 workers who make Barack Obama's suits are worried about their jobs again.


The Judge Who Ruled Against the Drilling Moratorium

In the wake of the Katrina disaster, Judge Feldman ruled against homeowners who tried to bring a racketeering case against the owner of their housing development, claiming that the company had stolen money it collected from them allegedly for repairs, for the owners personal use.

The judge ruled that homeowners had no standing to sue.


Yo soy feliz yo soy rico

Teniendo en cuenta que es un producto que se encuentra por encima de la puntuaci�n promedio, definitivamente podr�a ser una buena opci�n a considerar. .........
Un libro que muestra como modificar su pasado para crear riqueza inmediata. Aclara que la ley de la atracci�n es un error de concepto, muestra...
M�s informaci�n aqu�:

Problem With Cap Causes More Oil to Gush in Gulf NYTimesc

BP suffered a setback in the gulf when a discharge of liquid and gases forced the company to remove the containment cap.


Obamas Radical Agenda Revealed

Organizing for America (formerly known as Obama for America) is the new organized group that President Obama is using to push his agenda on America.

This group is so well organized it makes you wonder if President Obama should have hired the people who run it to take care of the BP oil spill.
This group has two functions: First is to push and pro


Cosmic HitandRun Gives Galaxy Starry Tail

A galaxy tail that is speckled with bright knots of new stars is seen in a newly-released photo that was taken by one of NASA's orbiting space telescopes.


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Intel and FTC To Possibly Settle AntiTrust Case

The fact that an offer is on the table, doesn't necessarily mean the FTC is caving.

When it first filed the complaint, the government watchdog indicated it would consider forcing Intel to license its CPU technology to other interested parties. If the FTC puts that bargaining chip on the table, Intel is likely to jump hurdles to evade it.


Five Myths of the Gulf Oil Spill

With oil spilling from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico for nearly two months now, it's not shocking that there's plenty of misinformation going around.

Here's some surprising science to set the record straight.


Google Plans To Launch News Music Service

Google is developing services to let consumers pay for access to news articles and songs through individual purchases and subscriptions, according to various news reports.


Favitt Make a Personalized Search Engine

With every web service letting you customize the experience, why leave search engines so restricted and generic? Favitt is a new tool that changes things.


Scientists 2m scheme to tag 3000 honey bees

Thousands of honey bees will be fitted with tiny electronic tags in a 2million project to monitor their behaviour


Quantum Gas in Free Fall

Physicists produce a Bose-Einstein condensate at zero gravity -- a step towards extremely sensitive quantum sensors for gravitation.


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Internet Billion Dollars

Confiamos 100% en este extraordinario producto, usted deber�a agregarlo sin dudarlo a su lista de productos candidatos. ... Sin embargo, aunque es un producto destacado......
El �nico manual recomendado por la revista forbes para incrementar tus ingresos exponencialmente.
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Joe Mainstreet and the Temple of Doom [Comic]

Deficit hawks meet voodoo economics...or something similar.


Shuttle launch as seen by skydivers pic

Shuttle launch as seen by skydivers (pic)


Your Seafood Is Contaminating My Oil

A colleague and I meandered down to a dock in New Orleans back in '75 for the evenings joy ride.

As we approached the gangplank to board the boat, there was a massive sign to greet us: The seafood you will enjoy tonight is proof that oil and aquatic life can co-exist without harming each other.� Say what?


Antarctic Glacier Melting due to Hidden Ice Ridge

An underwater ridge could explain why a major glacier in the Antarctic is melting more quickly than ever before, according to a new study.


How To Trick People Into Becoming Your Fans On Facebook

If a user Likes the ad, he has become a fan of the page, ripe for spamming.


Zuckerberg Facebook is the most engaging site ever built

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made a rare visit to London this week, introducing the UK Facebook Developers Garage and discussing his thoughts about what makes Facebook so popular.


Monday, 21 June 2010

Radicals Islamists Longshorers blockade Israeli ship in CA

An Israeli cargo ship arriving in Oakland today was forced to sit idle and not offload its containers when longshoremen joined forces with a coalition of communist and Islamist groups who picketed the port in protest against the recent violent incident off the coast of Gaza.The ship, owned by Zim Lines, was not carrying any controversial cargo,


Rahm Emanuel Joe Bartons BP Apology Represents Difference

President Barack Obama's chief of staff is warning about what might happen if Republicans -- who have defended BP over the Gulf oil spill -- were to run Congress after the fall election.

Rahm Emanuel says the GOP philosophy is to paint BP as the victim, pointing to Rep. Joe Barton's apology to BP for what the congressman called a shakedown.


Gulf residents outraged by BP CEOs yacht outing

"Man, that ain't right.

None of us can even go out fishing, and he's at the yacht races," said Bobby Pitre, 33, who runs a tattoo shop in Larose, La. "I wish we could get a day off from the oil, too."


RapeaXe condom with teeth to fight rape

A doctor in South Africa has invented a female condom lined with teeth-like hooks and is handing them out at World Cup venues.


Puppies The Power To Bridge The RedBlue Political Divide

Barack Obama has been unable to bridge the gap between Left and Right, as America remains more polarized than ever, but could the answer be found in puppies? The Animal Planet program "Last Chance Highway" is not only an uplifting television focused on animal rescue, but it also demonstrates how the gap between North and South can be bridged ....


BBC News BP estimated higher oil amount from Gulf well l

An internal document reveals BP estimated 100,000 barrels of oil a day could, in theory, flow from the ruptured Gulf of Mexico well.


BigSis says Big Government Needs to Monitor Internet traffic

The nation's homeland security chief says fighting homegrown terrorism by monitoring Internet communications is a civil liberties trade-off the U.S. government must make to beef up national security. Could the Bush Administration get away with this?

Source: foxnews/politics (Text - Politics)

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Short Story Long SummerDaily Miltonian

So this summer, your humble narrator has decided to try and force himself to read every New Yorker short story included in the weekly magazine. Why?


Ude Forex

Universidad de Forex. Ense�ando a operar el Forex como un negocio.
Este es uno de los productos de nuestra lista que m�s alta puntuaci�n ha conseguido, definitivamente le recomendamos comprarlo. ... Sin embargo, aunque es un...
M�s informaci�n aqu�:

BP Fund Is a Lure for Fraud Legal Experts Say

Any time you put a multibillion-dollar pot out there, youve just got to be really careful,� Professor Nagareda said.

The vast majority of lawyers involved are people of integrity, but that doesnt describe all of the legal profession.�


BBC News Rapper KNaans Wavin Flag in World Cup triumph

K'Naan explains how he went from narrowly escaping a life of war in Somalia to scoring the signature anthem of the World Cup.


Los Secretos De Hacer Dinero

Este es uno de los productos de nuestra lista que m�s alta puntuaci�n ha conseguido, definitivamente le recomendamos comprarlo. ... Sin embargo, aunque es un......
Descubre, paso a paso la forma f�cil y sencilla para que Siempre tengas Dinero Suficiente, no solo para Vivir Bien, sino para Vivir con Lujos...
M�s informaci�n aqu�:

Karzai hints key donor Japans firms may get leg up on miner

Afghan President Hamid Karzai urged corporate Japan on Friday to explore his country's untapped mineral resources that, according to a recent U.S. geological survey, may be worth more than $1 trillion.


Health Studies Gas Up

A small western Colorado town will be the subject of a study looking at the health impacts of natural gas.


Limbaugh Doubles Down on Barton

LIMBAUGH: The United States government may as well be a branch of organized crime the way that it is being conducted and the way it���s doing business, and the way it���s looking out for itself and no one else. ...


Saturday, 19 June 2010

Ripping the populist mask off GOPBP

With their manic, absurd defenses of BP, certain leading Republicans (echoed by Fox News commentators) have achieved levels of self-parody far too exaggerated for a "Saturday Night Live" sketch.

Everyone understands that politicians of both parties sometimes stooge for corporations.


Biomimicry Growing good ideas from the natural world

If you're in need of inspiration for a design project you might traditionally peruse a textbook, or perhaps visit a local design exhibition.


Sexy Indonesia Politics With a Side of Cleavage

Can a scantily-clad singer move Indonesian voters?


Introducing Zoho Wiki 20 Zoho Blogs

Each Zoho Business account gets a free Zoho Wiki with 3 workspaces and 3 users...


Friday, 18 June 2010

Kobe Bryant Wins 2010 Finals MVP

He may not have won the regular season MVP.

But as the 2009-10 season drew to a close, Kobe Bryant was the last superstar left standing


Wrong by Design Why Our Brains Are Fooled by Illusions

Neuroscientists usually explain color illusions in mechanistic terms.

Beau Lotto says that misses the point: We misperceive colors and shapes because our visual sense has been molded by evolutionary history.


Getting to know Safari 5s Extensions

One of Safari 5's biggest features is a new system for users to install "Secure Extensions" written completely in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you've wanted to learn more about what makes Safari's extensions tick, or try your hand at writing your own, we've got all you need to know.


Looks Like Someone Ran Over My Cheetah [Pic]

I hate it when that happens.


Relatives of Air India victims hope for change

After the release of the report from the Air India commission, relatives of those lost on Air India Flight 182 say they hope that some desperately needed changes will be made.


Bid to end senators secret holds advances

In the Senate, every man or woman can be king. Each can hold up a billion-dollar spending bill on a whim, or block one of the president's nominees from ever getting a hearing. Whether they're in the majority or minority doesn't matter.

They also don't even have to explain why. But the best part of all? They never have to admit that they did it.


Uncommon Facts About Trees

Some interesting and lesser known facts about these giant wonders of nature that we are working so hard to protect.


Thursday, 17 June 2010


Apple Inc.'s new iPhone might perform a simple task much better than its predecessors: hold a call.


Who Owns the Land Anyway

>...start with the American Southwest, let's assume for the moment that the irredentists are right and that it should be ceded to Mexico.

What gives the Mexican government a claim to this portion of the earth? This was Mexico for a mere 27 years -- just a single generation. In 1821, one could argue, the Mexican colonists stole New Spain....>>


Authorities Close Part Of Arizona To US Citizens
June 15, 2010 News Corp


How Global Warming and Capitalism Are Deeply Intertwined

It is no accident that environmental crisis is gathering as social injustice is deepening and growing inequality is impairing democratic institutions.


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Managing Reputations on Social Sites

Nearly three-quarters of young social networkers have altered their privacy settings, as opposed to just over half of users older than 50.


Google music store may offer downloads streaming this fall

Google's recently teased online music store could be active as soon as the fall, music business contacts said late Monday.


Fears of BP Oil Spill Reaching Irish Coast via Gulf Stream

Fears have been expressed that the BP oil spill will eventually make its way to the Irish coast because of being carried on the Gulf stream currents.
International oil experts say that the horrific contamination will eventually spread from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean.


Ex NFL Stars Help Clean BP Gulf Oil Spill

Drew Bledsoe and Troy Aikman are competing with Kevin Costner as the company of BP's choice to get in the water and help remove the oil as backers of a company called Ecosphere.


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

NBA Finals showcasing technology as well as basketball skill

ATM, Windows XP standing test of time even as NBA embraces 3D technology, tablet computers and more


10th Amendment Pledge

The purpose of the Tenth Amendment, much like the Ninth Amendment, is to clearly eliminate any ambiguities about the true purpose of the US Constitution, which is to protect our rights and property by severely limiting the privileges and powers delegated to the federal government.


Regulation Is A Vital Part Of Thriving Free Markets

"Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when he hired the famed stock manipulator Joseph P.

Kennedy as the first head of the S.E.C., said, 'Set a thief to catch a thief.' [The Interior Dept.'s Minerals Management Service's] modus operandi was more like setting a thief to help other thieves get away with the loot." - James Surowiecki, in his "New Yorker" piece


Jason Linkins Oil Spill Media Access BP Officials Continue

Despite the fact that National Incident Commander Thad Allen and BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles have publicly stipulated that the media is to have access to the areas affected by the Gulf oil spill, as well as the workers who are laboring to clean up the beaches, an overall media clampdown continues.


Man found dead on wooded Disney property

Detectives believe a man found dead in a wooded area on Disney property killed himself.


Police take over security at Cape Town stadium

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) - Police took over responsibility for security at World Cup stadiums in Cape Town and Durban on Monday after a wage dispute escalated between stewards and a security contractor.


Monday, 14 June 2010

Health Care Reform Still a Tough Midterm Issue for Dems TI

Even as the Administration ramps up its campaign efforts to tout health reform, some vulnerable Democrats would prefer to ignore the divisive issue altogether


85 of Kids Drinks Snacks Could Contain High Levels of Lead

An EPA-certified lab in Berkeley has tested nearly 400 samples from 150 branded products marketed to children.

The alarming results: 125 out of 146 products�or more than 85%�contained enough lead in a single serving to warrant a warning label under Californias Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, better known as Prop. 65.


Space probe returns after 7years and asteroid landing

A Japanese space capsule returned to Earth and plunged through the atmosphere over the Australian outback today, capping a seven-year space journey that took it to a nearby asteroid in a historic attempt to collect pieces of a billion-year-old space rock.


The worlds only immortal animal

This jellyfish may have discovered the fountain of youth -- and its numbers are increasing. Watch out for the "silent invasion".


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Fujitsu LifeBook PH520

Fujitsu has once again expanded its laptop line-up by bringing you the LifeBook PH520.

Powered by a 1.7GHz AMD Athlon Neo K125 single core processor, the system packs an 11.6-inch 1366 x 768 LED-backlight display, an AMD M880G chipset, an integrated ATI Radeon HD 4225 graphics card, a 2GB RAM, a 320GB hard drive, a 1.3-megapixel webcam, a card read


Paul Krugman Strange Arguments For Higher Rates

a zero nominal rate.

Theres nothing unnatural� about it. On the contrary, the natural rate of interest�, as Wicksell defined it, is clearly negative right now. So why does Rajan feel that there must be something wrong with low rates? (hes not alone) I think his language, with its odd moral tone, is the giveaway:its the sense that economic...


Paul Krugman The RMB And The WTO

An export subsidy is WTO-illegal.

An import tariff is WTO-illegal. A deliberately undervalued currency, maintained by massive foreign exchange intervention over a period of years, is in effect a combination of an export subsidy and an import tariff. Two wrongs, combined into a single policy, don't make a right.


Worlds biggest radiotelescope launched in Netherlands

Scientists in the Netherlands unveiled the largest radiotelescope in the world on Saturday, saying it was capable of detecting faint signals from almost as far back as the Big Bang.

The LOFAR (LOw Frequency ARray) consists of 25,000 small antennas measuring between 50 centimetres and two metres across, instead of a traditional large dish...


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Worst Oil Spills in the Worlds History [Infographic]

You think that BP Oil Spill is bad, we have had worst.

When will they realize that we need an alternative energy source...


At least 16 dead in US floods

At least 16 people were killed when floodwater tore through a campsite in Arkansas, US officials said today.


doc given to Gulf workers dispersant risks corexit 9500 pdf

Keep away from heat.

Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking. Keep container tightly closed. Do not get in eyes, on skin, on clothing. Do not take internally. Avoid breathing vapor.


South Africa Scores First Goal of 2010 World CupTeam Dances

Siphiwe Tshabalala scored the first goal of the World Cup and as our nation celebrated it, Bafana Bafana did a little dance for the world.

Commentator can't really say his name, so he says "Tshaba-lala-lala-la".


Matrix Management DILBERT

Insert these iPod earbuds and fire up PowerPoint.


Friday, 11 June 2010

The Evolution of Gaming

From Pong to the current status as a $57billion industry, the dynamics, interactions, and future are changing drastically.


Take A Walk On The Moon

Take your own journey over the lunar surface.

Moon Zoo - the latest project from the team that brought you Galaxy Zoo and Solar Stormwatch. Using the site, you'll see images from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter which show the lunar surface in unprecedented detail, and with a few clicks you can record what you find while exploring.


Twitter Buys Analytics Company

Twitter is seeking to boost its Web analytics capacity with the acquisition of Smallthought Systems.


Cristiano Ronaldo Meets Nelson Mandela his home in Houghton in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Oil Disaster Shows Need for Endangered Species Act Overhaul

Of the many regulatory problems that helped make the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster possible, the Endangered Species Acts shortcomings have received little attention � but fixing its flaws and loopholes could help prevent future catastrophes.

Oil companies never considered the impacts of a massive spill on the Gulfs sperm whales or .....


10 Rescued After 60Foot High Ferris Wheel Breaks Down

HOLLYWOOD-- 10 adults and children were rescued after a Ferris wheel suddenly stopped during a carnival at Hollywood High School, a fire official said.


Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sarah Palin Tells President Obama to Humble Himself

Sarah Palin continued her desperate quest to inject herself into the Gulf oil leak story by appearing on FNC's Hannity tonight to urge President Obama to, "humble himself," and, "call those around you on a non partisan basis that could give you the best advice." Palin seemed to suggest that the black president needs to be more humble.


Oil provides evidence that earth is young

The disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has revived the debate about alternatives to the extraction or use of fossil fuels.

But what most commentators do not realize is that the spill wouldn't be happening if the earth were 4.6 billion years old--because the oil wouldn't be under the tremendous pressure now causing it to spew out.


Marriage proposal in sewer is a success

"It's not the most romantic spot for a marriage proposal but it's one that worked for Steven Sparks - the 41-year-old got down on one knee in front of girlfriend Carolyn Payne during a trip to Victorian sewers."


Mathematician figures out the best way to jam an extra state

"Three weeks ago, a Senate committee heard testimony on a bill that could bring Puerto Rico a step closer to becoming the 51 st state.

The Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2010, which passed the House in late April, would grant the territory's residents a vote..."


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

BP Station Sign Yes the Irony

Spotted at BP station in Ohio


Trailer Deus Ex Human Revolution Filled With Conspiracies

Whats that pyramid with the eyeball thing on the dollar? Deus Ex: Human Revolution might contain the answer.


Rate of Oil Leak Still Not Clear Puts Doubt on BP

With no consensus on how much oil is leaking, it is hard to assess the containment cap's effectiveness.


16 Possible College Football Expansion Scenarios

In honor of the proposed Pac-16, here are 16 scenarios for how the dominos from this week's decisions may fall, ascending from the most conservative to the most radically far-fetched.


Jesus arrested trying to walk on water

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says a man has been arrested for swimming in waters shut down because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.


Militarys Mystery Ray Gun to Zap Bombs

The U.S. military is building an energy weapon that can blow up improvised bombs before militants do.

But it may be some time before the device is used in Afghanistan.


Chinese Government Whitepaper Reaffirms Internet Policies

A Chinese government whitepaper released on Tuesday praised the Internet for improving access to information and giving citizens a way to better oversee the behavior government officials, but reaffirmed the need for policies aimed at controlling access to online content.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

American Media Hide the Evidence

If you rely for your news on the US corporate media, whether ad-supported or underwriter-supported, you wont learn that Furkan Dogan, the 19-year-old American citizen slain by Israeli commandos in the raid on the Gaza-bound flotilla, was shot in the back and in the back of the head, as well as multiple times in the face.


Technical Trouble For Steve Jobs At iPhone 4 Launch

Steve Jobs has unveiled Apple's latest mobile, the iPhone 4, but the much-anticipated event suffered a few technical difficulties.


Jobs iPhone sales spank Android

Steve Jobs suggests that you should forget anything you may have read about Android sales surpassing iPhone sales in the US.


Barack Urkel Obama Goes Gangsta With Street Language

Obama said he has talked to a variety of "experts" on the oil spill in addition to the fishermen. "I uhhh.. talk uhhh.. to these folks uhhh.. because they potentially uhhh.. have the best answers - Let me uhhh.. make this perfectly clear, (glances at teleprompter) so I know whose ass to kick," Mr.

Obama then feigned anger as he hot-boxed a Newport.


Modern Warfare Frozen Crossing Part 2 VIDEO

Amazing Modern Warfare short film made on a $600 budget.

See comments for more details.


Sunday, 6 June 2010

LA Judge Clears Way For Marijuana Dispensary Crackdown

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge on Friday morning turned down a bid by medical marijuana patients and advocates to block the city's new ordinance which regulates dispensaries from taking effect on Monday.

Twelve patients had sued the city, asking the judge to issue a temporary restraining order preventing the city to....


Egypt to strip men married to Israelis of citizenship

A Cairo court on Saturday upheld a ruling to strip Egyptian men married to Israeli women of their citizenship in a case that has highlighted national sentiment towards Israel.


john coltrane the drum thing

john coltrane(sax), elvin jones(drums), jimmy garrison(bass), McCoy Tyner(piano) ALBUM : CRESCENT 1964


Egyptians Wedded To Israelis Stripped Of Citizenship

An Egyptian appeals court on Saturday upheld a ruling that orders the country's Interior Ministry to strip the citizenship from Egyptians married to Israeli women.

The case underlines the deep animosity many Egyptians still hold toward Israelis, despite a peace treaty signed between the two countries 31 years ago.


Kim Kardashian Possibly the New Star of Tomb Raider Film

The model and reality TV star may take the lead role in the new Tomb Raider movie.


Saturday, 5 June 2010

Think Oil Spill Bad Now Wait Till Theres a Hurricane

Experts fear hurricane season could turn Gulf rescue operations on their heads.


God is in the new Deus Ex Human Revolution trailer Video

Let's not spoil anything.

Instead, let's just say that Square Enix's CGI work for Deus Ex: Human Revolution is really paying off. You should watch the trailer right now. And then watch it again.


Followup Jupiter impact video and a color picture

Anthony Wesley, who discovered the impact event on Jupiter yesterday, has posted a lovely color image of the flash.

He was only taking greyscale video, but put together a three-color composite and added in the data from the flash


AOL Talks to Search Firms as Google Deal Nears End

AOL Chief Executive Tim Armstrong said his struggling Internet company kicked off talks last week with multiple potential partners to secure a new Web-search deal.


Lessons Learned From The Largest Oil Spill in History

As oil continues to pour into the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion, comfort may come from an unusual direction: the largest oil spill in history.


Caught on Tape Cricket Sex Wired Science Wiredcom

Thanks to a kind of science reality show, evolutionary biologists are getting a reality check.

The day-to-day lives of field crickets, captured on 250,000

Source: wired/index (Wired: Index 3 (Top Stories 2))

Everything You Need to Know About 4G Wireless

If your smartphone seems more like a slowphone, hang in there.

The next generation of wireless technologies, known as 4G, promises blazing-fast data


Friday, 4 June 2010

New Surveillance Camera System Provides Text Feed

Scientists at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) have developed a prototype surveillance camera and computer system to analyze the camera images and deliver a text feed describing what the camera is seeing.

The new system aims to make searching vast amounts of video much more efficient.


Detecting a crime before it happens

If Bob Burns is correct, terrorists may betray themselves someday by jiggling on a Nintendo Wii balance board, blinking too fast, curling a lip like Elvis � or doing nothing at all.

Burns and his team of scientists are researching whether high-tech devices can be used to detect nonverbal cues from people who harbor "mal-intent," malicious intent.


The Internet [2010 Post]

What Will you say about this?


Should We Nuke the Broekn Oil Well in the Gulf

With BP seemingly running out of options to seal the broken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, many are debating a dramatic last resort � a nuclear bomb.The Soviet Union successfully sealed up four leaking wells using nuclear warheads during the 1960s and 70s the nuclear option is emerging as a subject of serious debate.


Thursday, 3 June 2010