Sunday, 31 July 2011

Woman Excited To Finally Experience Unbearable Loneliness Of Having Her Own Place

SOMERVILLE, MA�After living with roommates for the better part of a decade, local woman Anne Lazar announced Tuesday she was excited to finally experience the overwhelming loneliness of having her own apartment. Lazar, 31, said that while she had few serious complaints about the people with whom she had shared housing over the years, there was simply no substitute for the unrelenting sense of isolation that only a private space can provide.


Making new Islands in Dubai

Making new Islands in Dubai..


Fan Page Fail Dirty Urinal [Video]

Jonny's uninhibited enthusiasm quickly gets him more exposure than he wished for in this invasive encounter.


Google makes it easy to see whats new in Google

Google has added a new section to its Google+ help center where it will list new features being added to the fledgling social network.


High Minded The Perfect TV Commercials for Stoners

I've become highly aware how stoners are targeted in TV commercials, subtly (eye drops; Justin Long as the Mac guy) and not-so-subtly (Taco Bell).


How ya like my beard meow

How ya like my beard, meow?


Saturday, 30 July 2011

Rosa Parks essay reveals rape attempt

An essay written by Rosa Parks discloses how she was nearly raped as a young woman while working as a housekeeper for a white neighbor.


Green Man Escapes Security At A Minor League Baseball Game Video

After watching the following video, the first thing you will likely ask yourself is whether this entire incident, was real or staged.


Bill OReilly Lashes Out At Hateful Republicans VIDEO

Bill O'Reilly took some Republicans to task on his Thursday show, saying that they needed to stop their "craziness," tone down their "hateful rhetoric" and pass a debt ceiling increase.

Speaking to guest host Laura Ingraham from Los Angeles, O'Reilly said he had taken a "moderate" stance on the debt crisis, and he warned Republicans who have so far been unwilling to pass a debt ceiling increase would only be helping President Obama, who he said h


Was Obamas Twitter Town Hall effective or simply a stunt

When Jack Dorsey from Twitter brought President Barack Obama to answer questions on the social networking site on July 6th, it marked something that has never been done before.

Technology met politics in a fresh and potentially intuitive way. Was ...


Why Americans Are So Angry

The rich are getting richer.

Their effective tax rate, in recent years, has been reduced to the lowest in modern history. Nurses, teachers and firemen actually pay a higher tax rate than some billionaires. It's no wonder the American people are angry.


Senators Blast Airlines For Profiteering During Tax Holiday

Naughty, naughty.

Senators Jay Rockefeller and Maria Cantwell are wagging the fingesr at airlines for raising airfares during the tax holiday that has resulted from the Federal Aviation Administration's shutdown. The practice could have


Friday, 29 July 2011

Climate unit releases more data

The University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit, centrepiece of the "ClimateGate" affair, releases virtually all remaining temperature data.


Dont Think Wrong Pic

Don't Think Wrong ( Pic.)


Charge Darpa Wants Wireless PowerUp for Troops Gadgets

Phone batteries dying, spiderwebs of power cords -- powering mobile technology can be pretty annoying for the average iPhone or iPad user. �But it's ever


Trojan Asteroid Discovered Stalking Earth

For the first time, an asteroid sharing Earth's orbit around the sun has been detected.


The Centrist CopOut

Placing blame equally on Democrats and Republicans for the stalemate over the debt crisis only encourages more bad behavior.


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Google begins 1 Gbps network construction

Damn you Kansas'll be getting porn faster than the rest of us


US Stocks Drop on DebtCeiling Concern Decline in Durable Goods Orders

U.S. stocks fell, dragging the Standard & Poors 500 Index down the most in almost two months, as lawmakers indicated they were no closer to reaching a compromise on the federal debt limit.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said Reids plan would cut $2.2 trillion over 10 years, shy of its $2.7 trillion target. CBO said Boehners plan would save just $850 billion rather than its advertised $3 trillion.....


Stop Boss is going

Stop !!! Boss is going ..


Talking Vaginas and Other Low Points in the History of Douche

Anybody happen to get a load of the new Summer's Eve 'Hail to the V' advertisements for their brand of feminine hygiene products? Complete with talking vaginas with racially stereotypical voiceovers?


Dog Im in charge pic

Dog: I'm in charge... (pic)


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Key to Swaying Mass Opinion Found For Shifts in Belief 10 Is the Magic Number

An opinion, held strongly by only a few, will spread throughout a group to become the majority opinion if 10 percent embrace it in the beginning, scientists have found.


UK Electric Car Sales Down 50 Despite Massive Government Grant

Oh dear.

No sooner do we hear that UK solar sales are rising due to plummeting costs, than take up of another mainstay of green techno-fix hopes appears to be stalling before it ever really started. UK sales of electric vehicles fell 50% in the second quarter of 2011, despite a huge Government grant. What's more depressing is that they fell from a truly paltry figure in the first place. So why are electric cars not selling?


Digital Tattoo Gets Under Your Skin to Monitor Blood

Maybe tattoos aren't just for Harley riders or rebellious teens after all.

In a few years, diabetics might get inked up with digital tats that communicate with an iPhone to monitor their blood.


Its not just Catholics

pharyngula: Is this like some bizarre religion-wide side-effect or something? Because Catholicism and Buddhism seem like such wildly different faiths, but here we go again, chronic incidents of child rape by priests�Buddhist priests.


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dental Breakthrough Mouse Stem Cells Grow Teeth

Organ replacement regenerative therapy is still years away for human patients, but with each new breakthrough the reality becomes a bit closer.

The future of this kind of therapy will require new technologies to be developed that will culture the bio-engineered organ, which must live in vitro (outside the body).


New Zealand ALCP Party Guarantees Access To Marijuana

A political party in New Zealand has guaranteed patients access to medical marijuana if elected to office in November.

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party (ALCP) said it will disband Medsafe if elected to ensure that cannabis and other natural medicines are freely available to patients who need them...


Blogging Hate Anders Breiviks Roots in RightWing Populism

He was a prolific contributor to�extremist blogs and had ties to right-wing populists: The murderer from Norway did not, it would seem, come out of nowhere.

Rather, he had found an ideological home among those seeking to cleanse Europe of Islam and multiculturalism. They are seeking to distance themselves.


Prius Project bicycle can change gears with just a thought

For the Prius Project bicycle, a team from Deep Local is working on a helmet with built-in neuron transmitters that allow the riders brain patterns to trigger the electronic shifters to move gears up or down.


Ten Notable Apps for Your iPhone

Click through for 10 notable iPhone apps.


Classic Wooden Airplane and Helicopter Toys are SolarPowered

Wooden toys are simply classic, and when made from FSC wood they're a very green and safe option for kids.

But today's kids' toys often have a gadgety gimmick. These wooden helicopter and airplane toys by BERTYandMASHA on Etsy keep all the classic and add some cool with subtle solar power. Watch them whirring in the video after the jump.


Thomas Sawyer Cancer Survivor Gets Soaked By His Own Urine Again By TSA

The TSA humiliated a bladder cancer patient for the second time earlier this month when an agent dislodged his urostomy bag, soaking him in his own urine.


Monday, 25 July 2011

Nonprofit scrutiny More questions must be asked

Nonprofits are the heart and soul of America.

Day in and day out, against the odds, they try to put the social equivalent of Humpty Dumpty together again after everyone else has pushed him over the wall.

But because of American machismo, only the business sector is lionized for driving the economy and saving the nation. Real men don't lead social service agencies; they head hedge funds � or so the thinking goes. And yet for-profits disproporti


Fight ATTs Takeover of TMobile

AT&T's $39 billion takeover of T-Mobile would turn back the clock to the era of the Ma Bell monopoly.

The deal would give AT&T and Verizon control over 80% of the wireless market, would stifle the competitive market forces that would otherwise help to keep prices down, and would stifle new products and innovation.


This Swanky Kids Playhouse Is Better Than Your Crappy Apartment

This child's playhouse in a wealthy Houston neighborhood boasts two stories, flat-screen TVs, runnig water, AC and vaulted wood ceilings.


Angry Naked Man Shot Down From Atop Utility Pole

Have you ever been stupid angry? Just so incensed that you don't know what to do with yourself? Well, one man in southern China knew exactly what to do to quench his rage.

Asked to move from his begging spot in the city of Hechi,

Source: InvestigationDiscoveryStupidCriminals (Investigation Disco

Sunday, 24 July 2011

11 Sexy Comic Book Chick Tattoos PICS

Can we finally agree that getting turned on by sexy comic book characters is no longer creepy? Before Maxim and the internet, serials filled with scantily clad female superheroes and villainesses were the closest thing to porn you could get your hands on (heh).


Norway police arrive 90 minutes after firing began

Police arrived at an island massacre about an hour and a half after a gunman first opened fire, slowed because they didn't have quick access to a helicopter and then couldn't find a boat to make their way to the scene just several hundred yards (meters) offshore.

The assailant surrendered when police finally reached him, but 82 people died before that.


Ad for toothpaste PIC

Ad for toothpaste (PIC)


A New Life On The Grid For Tired Chevy Volt Battery Packs

The lithium-ion battery pack in the 2011 Chevrolet Volt is backed by an eight-year, 100,000 mile warranty.

Still, when the pack's energy capacity has fallen to 80 percent or less of its original 16 kilowatt-hours--meaning it's no longer serviceable for use on the road--it can still be repurposed for other uses.


Christian extremist allegedly behind Oslo shootings

Right-wing Norway man shot 84 people and bombed PM's office, police say.


Stick to toilet paper [Pic]

Stick to toilet paper [Pic]


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Apple MacBook Air Review

The Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (Thunderbolt) is a formidable player in the ultraportable space, thanks to a Core i5 processor, the return of the backlit keyboard, and the addition of a Thunderbolt port.


Test of corporate Google accounts scaled back

A planned trial of accounts for organizations is being scaled back, but Google hopes ultimately to launch the Google+ feature for all comers sooner, in a few months.

Read this blog post by Stephen Shankland on Deep Tech.


Angry Birds aims for 1 billion fans

Just how big is mobile game phenomenon "Angry Birds"?


Ratings Will Ruin Wikipedia

Did you know you can rate pages on Wikipedia now? It's new.

And it's meant to get you involved, with the ultimate goal of increasing the site's accuracy, diversity and completeness.


Sony insurer seeks hack optout

Sony faces a court battle over how it will pay for legal claims made in the wake of a massive data breach.


Apple touts 1M Lion downloads on Day 1

Apple said today that customers had downloaded more than one million copies of Mac OS X Lion from the Mac App Store in the upgrade's first day of availability.


Friday, 22 July 2011

Lawmakers Prepare to Overhaul Postal Service

Five bills have been introduced in Congress to revamp the Postal Service, which Democrats and Republicans agree is on the brink of insolvency.


GE has 82 Billion Cash Reserve Paid No Taxes expected to report 13 percent rise in profit

Wall Street expects GE to report a net profit of $3.43 billion, earnings per share of 32 cents and $34.7 billion in revenue, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

The revenue target implies a 7 percent drop, which reflects the company's continuing drive to scale back its GE Capital finance arm.


Baroque Obama PIC

Baroque Obama (PIC)


7 Real Insect Superpowers That Put Spidey Sense to Shame

Insects and arachnids, like humans, have their superheroes with incredible powers.

The only difference is that their superheroes are real. And, pound for pound, consistently more impressive than the human version.


Amazons next billiondollar business eyed

Read 'Amazon's next billion-dollar business eyed' on Yahoo! News.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc's cloud computing unit may be its next billion-dollar business and analysts will be watching for clues on how fast this secretive unit is growing when the Internet retailer reports results next week.


ATF Whistleblower Case Triggers Retaliation Inquiry

The Justice Department's Inspector General has opened an investigation into possible retaliation against a whistle-blowing agent at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, according to two people briefed on the inquiry.


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Phonesex NSFW

Phonesex (NSFW)


Rupert Murdock and his Son Look Like Mr Bruns and Smithers [Pics]

Rupert Murdock bears an eerie resemblance to The Simpsons character Mr.

Burns. This observation is neither new nor original in any way, but it's still correct. Coincidentally, Pupert Murdoch's son, James Murdoch, looks exactly like Mr. Burns' sidekick Mr. Smithers.


A Roman Statue You Never Thought Youd See Pic

Will historians be digging through Rome 3,000 years from now and find this, and go What he hell was wrong with people in the 21st century? Did everyone really dress like this?�


Cisco is Tastier than Apple

Apple over the last year has gained more than 50%, while Cisco has lost more than 30%.

Yet Cisco may be the better bet for performance over the coming couple of years.


PM wouldnt have Hired Coulson

David Cameron says that, "with hindsight", he would not have employed ex-News of the World editor Andy Coulson as his press spokesman


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Gandalf Vs Dumbledore The Rap Battle Youve Been Waiting For VID

I really, really want Gandalf to be the winner, but I have to begrudgingly admit that Dumbledore had the doper rhymes.


Endangered Gibbon Enclave Discovered in Vietnam

In addition to being one of the planet's most endangered primates, northern white-cheeked crested gibbons are among the most romantic -- and it's their love of the serenade which clued researchers to a significant discovery.


The Business of Recycling and the Impact of Pollution INFOGRAPHIC

In the United States alone, over 50% of our disposal goes to landfills, and only a tiny fraction of our waste is being properly recycled.


Man cut off sons thumb while attempting to remove cast with circular saw

Roberts pulled out a 10-inch circular saw from his work truck, the report said.

For unknown reasons, he then attempted to cut the teens purple cast off his right hand, authorities said.
The saw sliced through the tip of the boys right thumb, the report said. The middle of his index finger was almost cut off, and he suffered a deep cut between his index finger and thumb.


Flowchart What Did You Do Last Night

Are you wearing pants?


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Rupert Murdoch Found Dead According to Hacked Murdoch Paper

The hacking group LulzSec appears to be back, with a very timely hack of Rupert Murdoch's British tabloid.


How a Mission to Mars Could Kill You

Will bootprints in the Martian soil be a part of our future, or will the interplanetary trip prove too hazardous for humans?


How a Mission to Mars Could Kill You

Will bootprints in the Martian soil be a part of our future, or will the interplanetary trip prove too hazardous for humans?


Obama officially threatens to veto Cut Cap and Balance

The White House on Monday warned President Obama will veto GOP legislation to cut, cap and balance� spending and the budget.


Why Cats Go Next Door

Researchers have discovered that cats foul neighbouring gardens intentionally to mark the edge of what they consider to be their territory.


Four Visions of Oversexed Anime Porn from Takashi Murakamis New Gagosian Show NSFW

Japanese art superstar Takashi Murakami is at it again, with a new show at the Gagosian Gallery in London.

While his last show for Gagosian centered around death and memento mori, Murakami has gone in a completely different direction this time, and focused on an ever-present theme: the sexual complexes of the Japanese male.


Monday, 18 July 2011

Former Egyptian President Mubarak in Coma Lawyer Says

Hosni Mubarak's lawyer says ousted president has suffered a stroke, is in a coma.


British soldier shot dead in Afghanistan MoD confirms

A British soldier has been shot dead in southern Afghanistan, the Ministry of
Defence has confirmed.


AluminumCelmet Could Increase Electric Vehicle Range By 300

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., having newly developed its porous aluminum Aluminum-Celmet, which would be ideal in the production of hybrid and EV batteries.


A complete guide to the planets birthdays

Last week saw Neptune Day, the first anniversary - in Neptune years - of the planet's discovery on September 23, 1846.

That got us thinking: what are the "birthdays" for all the other planets?


NASAs Dawn Spacecraft Enters Orbit Around Asteroid Vesta

NASA's Dawn spacecraft on Saturday became the first probe ever to enter orbit around an object in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Atlanta schools created culture of cheating fear

Teachers spent nights huddled in a back room, erasing wrong answers on students' test sheets and filling in the correct bubbles.

At another school, struggling students were seated next to higher-performing classmates so they could copy answers.


Hammeringlike a boss

At least he won't hit his thumb


New Report US video game sales slide 10 in June

Sales of video game hardware and software declined 10% in June according to new data reported by industry watcher The NPD Group.


Kitten vs Two Scary Things [VID]

Kitten vs Two Scary Things [VID]


MythBuster Adam Savages Most Spectacular Failure Vid

MythBusters co-host Adam Savage.

Savage talks about failure - unmitigated, colossal failures he's experienced...


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Seven Odd But Great Animal Photos

Yesterday was the last day of National Wildlife Federation's annual Photo Contest.

Each year we hold the contest as a way to encourage people to get outside and experience the wonders of nature. With that in mind, here are some of the odder photos that have been submitted in years past...


NextGeneration Gelatin Could be Derived from Humans Instead of Animals

Scientists are developing a new approach for producing human-derived gelatin in large enough quantities to be a commercially viable replacement for the animal-based gelatins used in all kinds of gelatin-like desserts, candies, and other foodstuffs as well as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


Fat Guy vs Car [PIC]

We finally have conclusive proof that morbidly obese old people are more than just a danger to themselves.

They're also a danger to Mercedes in crash testing labs all over the world. Funny.


Tombstone QR Codes Bringing the memorial to the mobile device

Technology has been integrated into paying tribute to lost loved ones for some time now at funerals and on memorial websites, but Israeli medical technology executive Yoav Medan has brought technology to the final place of rest for his mother by adding a QR Code to her gravestone.


NASA Rockets Solving the Mystery of Our Atmospheres Electric Currents

To study the ionosphere, scientists are launching four rockets from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia for a five-minute journey about 100 miles (160 km) up into the atmosphere to collect data on the charged and neutral particles to learn how each affects the other to ultimately create the dynamo currents.


Friday, 15 July 2011

Rare Phenomena Photo of Frozen Bubbles Trapped Beneath Lake Surface pic

Rare Phenomena: Photo of Frozen Bubbles Trapped Beneath Lake Surface (pic)


Veteran Cop Sold HollowPoint Bullets and Other Police Gun Gear Out Of Cops Gun Range

A 17-year veteran of the Cleveland, TX, Police Department ran the gun range at CPD, where he had control over 100,000 rounds of .40-caliber hollow-point bullets, specifically manufactured for law-enforcement use, the USAO said.


Tornado cleanup worker from Maryland charged with raping teen in Guntersville Alabama

Investigator Doug Ware says David Walter Clatterbuck Jr. met the girl over the Internet and encouraged her to come with him to Alabama.


PlanetPic The TourDeFrance has changed over the years but some things remain the same PHOTOS over the last 50 years

The Tour De France has changed over the years.

There are lighter bikes, thinner tires, aerodynamic helmets, and let's not forget the countless doping scandals. However, as much as the competition has changed there are still flat tires, heartbreaking crashes, and stiff competition. And most importantly, the determination and a willingness to push the human body beyond its limits.


Confirmed FBI probing allegations against News Corp

Reached for comment by Raw Story, an FBI spokeswoman in New York confirmed the report, saying, "We are aware of the allegations and are looking into it."


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hitler Also Hates Our Redesign

People hate change.

People also hate ugly things. Its up to you to decide whats been motivating the torrent of redesign hate weve received since we decided to change our logo to the Minecraft helicopter or to that Eightbit startup or whatever.


Man Who Had Penis Chopped Off Says Wife Was Upset About Divorce

Catherine Becker, the Garden Grove resident that chopped off her estranged husband's penis, was extremely upset that he had filed for divorce, is exclusively reporting.


Hitler gave blowup sex dolls to Nazi soldiers

Did Adolf Hitler supply Aryan blow-up sex dolls to discourage his troops from sleeping with disease-ridden French prostitutes?


SonOfABitch He Shouldnt Have Drank So Much

It would have been a hella of a night�too bad sucka.


Robber who broke into hair salon beaten up by blackbelt owner and kept as sex slave for three days fed only Viagra

In a tale reminiscent of Pulp Fiction, Viktor Jasinski, 32, told police that 28-year-old Olga Zajak, pictured, overpowered him, dragged him into a back room, and molested him for three days.


US woman cuts off husbands penis

A woman in California who drugged her estranged husband, tied him to a bed and cut off his penis, told police "he deserved it", officials say.


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Couple Faces Trial After Pet Python Kills Toddler in Her Crib

A Florida mother and her boyfriend face charges of manslaughter, third-degree murder, and child neglect in the death of two-year-old Shaianna Hare, who was strangled in her crib by the couple's pet python.


Global Warming Scientists vs Climate Skeptics Infographic

Infographic on the continuing climate change debate (as if it's debatable).

You wont' believe what the skeptics are saying!


The Lunatics Guide to Hacking Into Anyones Voicemail

A simple steel headed fire axe is capable of hacking into many things


Humpback Whales Amazing Rescue Caught on Tape VIDEO

When Michael Fishbach and his crew discovered a young humpback whale tangled in a fishing net, they knew they had to act fast.

An amazing rescue caught on tape.


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Reallife George Clooney Frequent flyer Thomas Stuker clocks up 10 million air miles

Bearing striking similarities to the character played by the actor in the film Up In The Air, car salesman Thomas Stuker, pictured, from Chicago, has flown almost 6,000 flights.


Cops Arent All Bad [Pic]

This picture was taken during a gay pride parade in New York, and shows that the police can have a little fun too.


Old man with rally sign

Imgur is used to share photos with social networks and online communities, and has the funniest pictures from all over the Internet.


How to Afford a Corvette

The secret to buying a corvette


Watch a Marine in Afghanistan Ask Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball

This is Sgt Scott Moore of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qala, Afghanistan.

Watch him ask one of the hottest women in the world, Ms. Mila Kunis,


What Can a Degree Earn You in Todays Job Market [Infographic]

A look at some of the highest paying jobs plus other factors which shows how you can get the most out of the job market.


PSA A New Nameless Hot Paraguay Soccer Fan Has Burst Onto the Scene

Larissa Riquelm, who recently pledged to run naked if her country won this year's Copa America, now officially has some competition as the hottest and, um, 'biggest', Paraguayan soccer fan in the world.

During Saturday's match against Brazil (which ended in a 2-2 draw), this busty bombshell was spotted in the crowd, showing humongous support for Paraguay's National Team.


Monday, 11 July 2011

More Hatemail from Our Atheist Homotoking Friends

Remember, you can touch us with your hateful comments at Dear ChristWire, you are the most unintelligent bunch of red neck, god fearing, unevolved monkeys.

You can barley string a sentence together and make up words constantly (homogay?) Whats it like having never evolved a thumb?...


Scientists decode potato genome

International scientists based in Scotland decode the full DNA sequence of the potato, one of the world's most important staple crops, for the first time.


How Dracula Hedge Funds Are Sucking Us Dry

What notion of economics or ethics justifies the fact that it would take the average family more than 35,000 years to earn as much as the top hedge fund managers earn in one year?


Indiana police apologize for revealing bra sizes of female officers

A metropolitan police commander issued a personal apology to 13 female officers after their bra size, height and weight were included in a departmental email this week.


Googles Relationship With Government Questioned

The Government's relationship with search giant Google has been called into question after Freedom of Information requests revealed that the company secured more than 20 meetings in the last year with senior politicians.


The Marijuana Tipping Point Why It Is Already Here

The writer and social critic, Malcolm Gladwell, defines the 'Tipping Point' as the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point; the point at which the buildup of minor changes or incidents reaches a level that triggers a more significant change or makes someone do something they had formerly resisted.


Sunday, 10 July 2011

At least 40 killed in Mexico in 24hour period

Battles between the vicious Zetas gang and other drug cartels led to the discovery of more than 40 bodies in a 24-hour span, a government official said Saturday.


Its Time to End the War on Salt Scientific American

The zealous drive by politicians to limit our salt intake has little basis in science


South Sudan New Nation New Challenges

On Saturday, southern Sudan will become the independent country of South Sudan.

This will be an historic event: the culmination of a six-year process that ended a long, brutal civil war that caused the deaths of millions. Although the road to independence has been hard, people look toward the future.


The Final Space Shuttle Mission Videos Photos History and More

Nobody has presented it better... let's take a few moment to remember.


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Nice Shirt Granny PIC

Nice Shirt Granny! (PIC)


Another Boxing Hall Of Fame Induction Ends With Everyone Punching Each Other

CANASTOTA, NY�Though it started as a typical celebration of such boxing icons as Mike Tyson and Julio Cesar Chavez, last Sunday's International Boxing Hall of Fame induction ceremony once again devolved into a 200-person melee of hooks, jabs, and uppercuts...


The World Map of Useless Stereotypes [PIC]

The World Map of Useless Stereotypes [PIC]


The Incredible Rooftop Playground

Thrill-seeking toddlers rejoice!


New York Man Jumps Bridge Tolls 1000 Times Owes 30000 in Tolls and Fees

He allegedly tried to beat the agency out of toll money nearly 1,000 times over 8 years, before getting caught.


Woman Dies From Allergic Reaction After Sex With Dog

The incident happened in 2008 and the DOG has been held in custody since!


Friday, 8 July 2011

Extradition For Pirates Seized Domain Admins Call It Quits

As US authorities continue with Operation in Our Sites, putting pressure on file-sharing services and seizing their domains, for some it is all to easy to champion a heroic fight back against these "forces of evil".

But for the admins of one site targeted by ICE and DHS, the thought of being extradited to the US is a step too far. What started off as fun was turning into something else. Today they announce that "enough is enough."


Google confirms Maps with local map downloads as iOS lags

After a brief unofficial discovery, Google on Thursday confirmed that Google Maps 5.7 has the first experimental support for local maps downloads.

Taking advantage of Maps 5's vector-based maps, Android users can zoom into an area and download map data within a 10 mile radius of a map point they've found. The feature can take several minutes but gives travelers basic mapping in another country without having to pay for expensive roaming data.


The evolution of solar power infographic

We've come a long way since discovering the photovoltaic effect in 1939.

From powering the first space satellites, to powering the White House, solar power is now almost as efficient as coal.


Piracy Lawsuit Against CNET Dismissed For Now

In May, FilmOn founder Alki David and a group of artists sued CNETs and parent company CBS.

The copyright holders accused the CBS-owned websites of several copyright-related offenses for their role in distributing LimeWire and other P2P software. This week the artists dropped their case, threatening to replace it with an even bigger case in the near future.


How to Build A LowPower Home Theater PC

Using a Zbox barebones, you can construct a chic, small-form-factor computer ideal for powering your home-entertainment setup.


Is Facebook video chat really awesome

Not everyone is so sure that Mark Zuckerberg's Skype-integrated video chat is as groundbreaking and "awesome" as he says


Phone hacking how to change your voicemail password

The News of the World phone hacking operation was made easier to achieve by
the widespread use of default or easy-to-guess passcodes.

It's simple to
change yours to something more secure.


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Puppy Patriotism I Should Be A Star On The Flag Pic

Puppy Patriotism: I Should Be A Star On The Flag (Pic)

Source: DailyCuddle (Daily Cuddle)

The Worlds Five Favorite Animals to Have Sex With

Have you ever wondered which animals humans most like to do it with? Wonder no more!


Hipster American

Hipster American


VIDEO Trapped Pussy Rescued Using A Leaf Blower

Filmed at a US fire station, this clip shows the moment the little kitty was dramatically liberated thanks to a leaf blower propelling it out of the piping.

The little cat landed safely before being scooped up by the hero firefighters.


Aphrodite Jones Reports How Did the Casey Anthony Jury Come to Their Decision

As we sit stunned about the Casey Anthony verdict, people are trying to understand what went through the jurors' minds.

Did they feel that, since there was never any cause of death established, they just could not convict Casey?

Source: InvestigationDiscovery-theCriminalReportDaily (Inv

Scrap metal thieves steal 800 shopping carts from one store in 12 days

That's right, some Essex scrap metal thieves have stolen 800 shopping trolleys from an Asda in Basildon � after paying the 1 toll for each one.


When I use etc [PIC]

When I use "etc." [PIC]


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New hacking allegation piles pressure on Murdoch

Prime Minister David Cameron led a chorus of condemnation on Tuesday over allegations a top-selling British newspaper from Rupert Murdoch's global media empire hacked the voicemail of a missing schoolgirl who was later found murdered.


Report Android Market Share Jumps Smartphones Now Owned by 1 in 3 Americans

According to a new report from comScore, 1 in 3 Americans now own a smartphone.

Googles Android OS is ahead of the pack with a 38.1% share of the market during the 3-month period ending in May, while RIMs BlackBerry OS fell 4.3% to a 24.7% share of the market.


Which Country Is Best Prepared For Cyberwar

Between Lulz and yesterday's Fox News hacks, cyber criminals are on a roll.

But the scariest online threats are the ones you haven't even heard of.


Unlicensed Are Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player illegal

Apple paid up, but Amazon and Google did not, announcing cloud music services without the major labels' blessing.

Who was right? Ars digs into the history of music lockers and explores when they might be legal under copyright law.


Motorola DROID 3 Images Surface Before Launch [wPICS]

Motorola's DROID continues its run on the rumor wagon, even as the release of its newest member, DROID 3, is nearing.

First on the cards is a bunch of leaked images of the DROID 3, from Verizons site. See them here.


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Montana Milestone Millionth resident coming soon

Montanans like to call their state "Big Sky Country," or "The last, best place." Nowhere in these descriptions are there hints of crowds.


Fourteen Propaganda Techniques Fox News Uses to Brainwash Americans

There is nothing more sacred to the maintenance of democracy than a free press.

Access to comprehensive, accurate and quality information is essential to the manifestation of Socratic citizenship - the society characterized by a civically engaged, well-informed and socially invested populace. Thus, to the degree that access to quality information is willfully or unintentionally obstructed, democracy itself is degraded.


Born or at least unveiled on the 4th of July 10ft statue of Ronald Reagan is unveiled in London

It was a fitting occasion for the 4th of July.

A statue of Ronald Reagan was unveiled at the American Embassy in London today to mark the centenary of the former U.S. president's birth.
Foreign Secretary William Hague and former U.S. secretary of state Condoleezza Rice watched as the 10ft bronze figure was revealed in Grosvenor Square.
Sadly Mr Reagan's great political ally and friend, former prime minister Baroness Thatcher, was unable to attend


A years worth of beautiful timelapse photography of the southern sky

This beautiful video took over a year to put together in 2009 and 2010, and it's made up of over 30 hours of exposure.

Shot from the southern coast of Australia, it provides an awe-inspiring view of the southern constellations.
This video is the work of photographer and amateur astronomer Alex...

Source: lapse-photography-of-the-southern-sky

Air France to power planes with cooking oil

In a giant nod to the growing recycled fuel industry, Air France-KLM has announced that it will start flying planes in September using a blend of kerosene and used cooking oil.

More than 200 flights between Paris and Amsterdam will be the first to embrace the alternative fuel.


Nearly 20 billion dollars in treasure discovered at a Hindu temple in India

One vault is still left to open as scale of the offerings made to shrine in the past 500 years comes to light.


Who wants to live forever Scientist sees aging cured

If Aubrey de Grey's predictions are right, the first person who will live to see their 150th birthday has already been born.

And the first person to live for 1,000 years could be less than 20 years younger.


Monday, 4 July 2011

What Do They Make White House Releases Staff Salaries VIDEO

The White House will pay more than $37 million in salaries for 454 employees in 2011, according to an annual salaries report issued by the Obama administration on Friday.

See which of President Obama's staffers are making the most.


Dead woman discovered after months in foreclosed home

The 57-year-old woman was found possibly more than a year after her death.


What happens in the brain when we experience a panic attack

What happens in the brain when we experience a panic attack?


Thaksin party wins Thai election by a landslide polls

BANGKOK (Reuters) - The sister of former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra led her party in a landslide election win on Sunday, exit polls showed, a victory for red-shirt protesters who clashed with the army last year.


Europe Agrees to Give Billions in Aid to Greece

$17.5 BILLION released to GREECE Today..(Saturday) to buy time...thus canceling a Sunday meeting planned in case there was not the anticipated cooperation.......

Greece will get additional vital billions by July 15 while work continues on a second bailout for the struggling country, finance ministers in the European Union I read "cooperation" between the lines I felt certain that the Greek blocking of the Flotilla on Friday of ALL


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Attention Walmart Shoppers Retailer Discounting Gasoline

Walmart, the retail giant best known for selling things at lower prices than the competition, feels you pain at the pump....


14 Famous Internet Memes Where Are They Now

Internet memes come and go faster than reality TV stars.

Once they're gone, we think of them less than the stars of last year's Real World, if that's even possible. We decided to take a look at what they're up to these days.


View From the Top of the New 1 World Trade Center

View From the Top of the New 1 World Trade Center


Heart of Bleakness VICE Magazine goes to Congo

Walking through the jungle in the dead of night with a group of Rwandan rebels best known for their expertise at rape and murder wasnt exactly what we had planned for our first trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Defiant Gadhafi threatens attacks in Europe

A defiant Moammar Gadhafi threatened Friday to carry out attacks in Europe against "homes, offices, families," unless NATO halts its campaign of airstrikes against his regime in Libya.


Government Sues Apollo Astronaut For Stealing Moon Camera and Trying to Sell it at Auction

The U.S. government is suing Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell for illegally keeping a camera used on the moon and trying to sell it at auction.


Ashton Kutcher Will Destroy Newspaper Over Sex Slavery Article

Famous Twitter user Ashton Kutcher is extremely upset at the Village Voice.

The paper wrote a cover story making fun of him and bashing his anti-sex trafficking efforts.


Apple RIM win big as ITC reverses earlier decision in Kodak patent case

The International Trade Commission on Thursday reversed an earlier decision in a patent case that could cost camera maker Kodak hundreds of millions of dollars from Apple and RIM.

Kodak had filed suit against both firms, claiming that their mobile devices infringed on multiple patents owned by the Rochester, NY-based company. An initial ruling in favor of Kodak was under ITC review, and the commission on Thursday reversed parts of the decision th


Googles Transparency Report 2011 Reveals Which Countries Request Most Information About Users

Google regularly receives requests from governments around the world, asking them to remove content and fork over user data.


Judge Upholds Threatened Listing for Polar Bear

A federal judge today upheld the George W.

Bush administration's decision to list the polar bear as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The ruling is a blow to environmental groups that wanted the bear listed as endangered, thereby giving it more protections.


Friday, 1 July 2011

Microsoft inks Android patent deal with Velocity Micro sound familiar

Microsoft has just announced a deal with Velocity Micro, Inc., that will have the outfit feeding the software giant's coffers.

Of course, details are scarce here; in fact, all we really know is Velocity Micro will pay royalties in regards to its Android-based devices, including the Cruz Tablet. Looks like those talks are paying off. Full PR after the break


To the Limit

It isnt at all unthinkable that the battle to raise the federal debt ceiling could end in failure.


HPs WebOS Tablet Plays Solid Hand Against a Stacked Deck

When the chips are down and the cards have been dealt, do you go big or go home? With the debut of its TouchPad tablet, HP's answer is clear: We're all in, baby.


Best Tree House Ever

It's a great ocean view.


Happy 4th Birthday iPhone

Here's a reminder of how quickly the tech industry moves: Apple's iPhone turns four years old today.

On June 29, 2007, Apple launched the first-generation iPhone. Despite its $500 price tag and measly 4 GB of storage, Apple fanatics diligently camped out at Apple Stores around the country, hoping to be the first to own [...]